CHSC Customer Centricity

on August 21 at 06:23 AM

Those days are gone where clinicians and health care organization takes all the responsibilities of making health decisions. In current days the health care organization doesn’t even decide the treatment of the patient. Thanks to healthcare reform which has increased the emphasis on customer satisfaction. As many people are becoming more active participants, healthcare has added value-driven care.    

Yet some industries have involved customers in their services and sales process. Some healthcare fields are still underdeveloped behind strategically engaging consumers. That indicates many essential opportunities for developing customer-centered care are being missed. Capital Health Screening Centre has established essential customer-centricity that is on customer-first strategy.   

CHSC Customer Centricity:

CHSC has put our customers at first propriety and set it in the heart of the organization. To avoid the struggle and normalized these customer-centric, we act on 8 simple steps. It helps us to improve our customer-first strategies and accelerates the organization on a long path.   

  • Anticipate Customer Needs:

However, many customers provide an accurate account of their concerns. But guess what they want in the long-term simultaneously is extremely difficult for them. For that purpose, they tend to reply to health providers. Therefore, CHSC anticipates their needs accordingly to provide helpful suggestions.   

  • Collect Customer Feedback:

For creating a great customer-centric company, you need to build strong communication with your customers. Whether it is frequent or regular communication, both play important roles. Today, in the digital world we have countless ways to collect feedback from our customers. It might be:

  • Chat
  • SMS
  • Phone Calls
  • Email
  • In-app messages
  • FB Messenger 
  • Message boards

Fortunately, today we have many valuable communications that can occur form several different platforms. CHSC sheer variety of insights receives messages that help us to adjust our services. While this ignoring some other factors might be the cause of missing a huge part. Other factors may include 3 customer research techniques which are:

  • Conduct a Survey
  • Launch user testing
  • Make direct calls

  • Be Available:

Rarely, people communicate through articles or live chat. Therefore, CHSC identifies whenever the customer needs them, and we make the process easier. It includes prominently available for 24/7. 

We have found on average that the customer calls us once at the same time. At that point, we ensure to handle it with full care, as it brings an opportunity to connect with them emotionally. It also impacts our customers for a longer period. For this purpose, we make sure to visible our “Contact Us” option and make it easy to use.     


  • Meet with In-Person (Customer):

Direct contact with humans happens regularly. It is necessary to take something from it because it may improve consumer experiences. 

Although the potential touch points for feedback are higher due to technology, it decreases in-depth contact. Bring back in-person experience allows us to host values of both ends customers and us. We claim to take benefits from the direct channel while interacting with customers and getting feedback.   


  • Provide Proactive Customer Service:

CHSC uses one of the best ways that differentiate us from our competitors. It is providing additional value to extend the point beyond services. This act shows our trust investment to create an engaging customer experience. Our team works behind this step and plays extraordinary effects to deliver at its full potential. 

Proactive customer service allows us to give several resources that help our customers and solve their issues. It also supports them to reach out to us in an easy manner. Thus, in this way, we solve their problems without keeping them on hold.   

  • Adopt Customer Service Tools:

Adopting perfect customer service tools is the major factor that helps us to create customer-centric experiences. These tools allow our team to develop a seamless support system with instant solutions. Getting satisfied customer increase the aim of our Health screening center in both Short- & long-term success.    

  • Look Beyond the Services: 

Now, the main point comes when we add benefits to extend the exposure beyond our services. Sure benefits help our customers to achieve complete screening satisfaction along with memorable customer experiences. 

  • Establish an Onboard Process:

An onboard process is used to introduce the service to our customers, explain them in detail according to their requirements. CHSC has adopted onboard service; it identifies services, its features and provides complete information.    

Why Customer Centricity is important?

Many reasons behind our passion regardless motivate us to establish world-class standard medical testing & screening services

“We believe if we are not able to acquire or retain our customers, we can’t perfectly survive them.”

This simple statement is the foundation of our center and it derives the overall importance of a customer-centric entity. Without it an organization cannot build the right understanding about its product/services or they may invest in wrong assets. It may affect their goodwill as well. 

While using customer-centric brands, our team focuses on aligned goals. In turn us as a health provider that meets customer’s needs also add value to their level of services and anticipate their requirements.  Therefore, by adding it into our core values we provide ultimate elements of leadership while satisfying our team and customers.       

At Proof, CHSC works on our core values which are “obsessing customer”. Our team knows its value by heart and uses it as an important reference point before any work. For instance, launching any new service we ask “is that helpful for our customers?” If the answer is “Yes”, we start working on it otherwise, we stay away.

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