Disruptive ecosystem for investors based on Quantum and blockchain technology

on August 13 at 06:16 AM
Investors and money managers want increased return on investment with minimal risk, but at the same time, the investment landscape is fast-changing and only becoming more complex by the day.

Recent advances in Blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Quantum Computing have created the opportunity for CFX Quantum to develop new trading systems that automatically optimize for risk/reward concerns. With our cutting-edge pre-quantum chip, called the Digital Annealer, and our breakthrough web and mobile platform, ZEROONE, trading is instantaneous and near-zero risk.

The ZEROONE Platform

ZEROONE provides users with access to a cryptocurrency wallet, exchange, and fiat markets all with a few simple clicks. CFXQ Token holders get even more benefits, including our soon-to-be-released Sentiment Index and the eventual rollout of the SURF fund, a high-impact social project we are working tirelessly on.

The Digital Annealer technology, developed in collaboration with Fujitsu and a leading University research team, allows us to provide light-speed transactions for arbitrage on our linked exchanges or with fiat currencies through our Tier 1 Forex partnerships, backed by Swissquote Ltd. UK.

ZEROONE leverages the ultimate in investment software (called Q-HATS) and hardware (Digital Annealer) to become a groundbreaking new platform for zero-risk trading. Start seeing returns today!

State-of-the-art Wallet-Exchange
CFX Quantum brings you a Wallet and Exchange where the user can BUY, STORE, or EXCHANGE Crypto and CFXQ Token with a few clicks using fiat currency and credit/debit card.

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