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Cacao Bliss - Raw Almonds And Raw Food Desserts

on July 31 at 03:11 PM

In this article, Ani Phyo shares cocoa, raw almonds and raw food sweets that are "fantastic". Ani Phyo is a raw food chef and author of Ani Raw Food Kitchen and Ani Raw Food Sweets.

Kevin: Julia asks, "What's your best dessert to dazzle people with cooked food?" I like the way people cook. I think it's funny in a way. Against them like we do, right? I'm kidding

Al-Ani: [laughs] What many referred to from everyone in the press and media is an empty chocolate cake. This is in my book. Instead of a traditional cane cake made from cake, white flour, refined sugar, the cake is actually made from nuts. It is a dry powder. It's walnut and cocoa. It is then associated with unknown dates. The FDA labels nuts as a superfood, as with Cacao Bliss because nuts contain omega 3. Nuts, like all nuts, have been found to lower cholesterol. It is actually good for heart health. Omega 3 is really healthy for our skin. It contains vitamins A, C, D, E, all of which are really great vitamins. All nuts and seeds contain vitamin E. It is very good for our skin. It helps restore the matrix that contains our skin and explores collagen. It prevents us from bouncing and bouncing, so that by pressing it, it will bounce back and prevent rapid aging. It also has a high content of antioxidants, so it slows down or prevents damage that will cause free radicals, which will also accelerate disease and illness and aging.

Further on cocoa, raw cocoa and fortunately we know that this raw food is not heated, so the antioxidant properties are really high. They are now starting to use the names Cocoa, Hershi and all these other companies. But it's really just chocolate or whatever cocoa. Cocoa is Dutch. Dutch means they cut cocoa that was already roasted using an alkaline chemical. Alkaline chemistry helps to easily melt chocolate in water. It also helps to move forward. So this transfer allows the whole bar of chocolate to take place. So if you can imagine that Dutch chocolate first has less chocolate, and then, since it is hot, its antioxidant properties are very low. However, the US Food and Drug Administration still describes chocolate as a super food.

So raw food is raw chocolate. It contains more antioxidants. This is my cake. It is associated with the whole fruit, unknown. It is a complete fruit, so it contains fiber along with sugar, which releases sugar into our blood. So it contains fiber, potassium, iron and all these other amazing nutrients that will nourish our body with good health.

Then freeze from cocoa and a little agave and avocado. I think in Asian cultures, even in Mexico, avocados are used in mixes and snacks. He has such healthy fats in our hearts. It is actually very good for our skin. It has a creamy and fluffy feeling. It is a wonderful form of taste. I mixed it with cocoa and hardened it with a few dates and a little aloe vera to sweeten it. This actually makes it fluffy, much like a very bad frost package. But it's good for you. Then I drank your cake angrily. The cake is a really hearty cake, similar to the texture of a fluffy chocolate cake. You can also have fresh berries or strawberries that work well and add them to your cake. Then you have ganache berries in chocolate candy. And that's very good.

If you compare it to the cooked version, the cooked version includes cream, eggs, butter and all these things that will actually cause high cholesterol in your body. This will make you gain weight and increase weight. It will also cause an inflammatory reaction. Many of our body products are allergic to dairy products, this is a strange substance. So when we eat it, Golden Superfood Bliss it causes swelling until we become swollen. In fact, it makes us look as if we are overweight or overweight compared to who we really are because we are swollen on the inside. Also wheat. Some of us are allergic to gluten. My ganache cake does not have any of these. It will actually help you lose weight, look better and build skin. It helps you grow healthy hair, strong nails and all that. Healthy in us, reflected outside the skin, is our largest organ. This means that we will be bright, healthy, bright and look really good from the outside.

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