Covid -19 Medicine in Bangladesh

on July 23 at 08:40 PM
Forty-eight p.c of Covid-19 patients recovered – or tested negative – four days once taking Favipira, and ninety six p.c did thus once ten days. Favipira double-blind trial and Each pill prices Tk400. Beacon pharmaceutical company brought it to Bangladesh.
Trialled among fifty patients in four hospitals in Dacca 48 p.c recovered or tested negative once four days, ninety six p.c once ten days.Patients' respiratory organ conditions improved thrice.No aspect impact in liver, excretory organ and super-molecule in blood.
Bangladesh Society of medicine ran the trial A test of Beacon Pharmaceuticals' Favipira pill, to treat Covid-19 patients, has yielded a ninety six p.c success rate. Associate Professor of the medication department of Dacca Medical faculty Hospital Syed Ghulam Mowla declared the trial results at a seminar at the West in hotel within the capital on weekday. Beacon Pharmaceutical organized the seminar. Favipiravir is that the generic name of Favipira, that is understood as Avigan in Japan. Beacon pharmaceutical company brought it to Bangladesh.
Favipira was clinically trialed in Bangladesh to understand if it absolutely was effective and safe. The double-blind trial, named Dacca Trial, was dole out as per rules of the drug board of directors and Bangladesh Medical Research Council.
As a whole we Bangladeshi feel proud for this medicine and hope for its final success

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