The tutor never wrote me back!

on July 22 at 03:43 PM

Why do you need to choose educational essay services, but not tutors? It's because very often tutors will never wrote you back, so it more logically to buy your essay at or another educational website, where you can also read aritcles about how to do your works for fast. This doesn’t seem to be solving the problem entirely though, and I’d like to get some feedback on what else we can do.

I’ve posted a few ideas below, but please leave others in the comments below if you have any insight into why this might be happening.

Other Possible Solutions

  • Allows students to post jobs and have the tutors contact them instead
  • This would reverse the problem by allowing tutors to contact students based on their job postings (at least providing this as an alternative).
  • Show a tutor’s response rate on their profile
  • We could calculate how often a tutor responds to messages, and show this publicly on their profile.  This may give them an incentive to keep their response rate high.
  • Notify tutors via other means, such as phone or text message
  • If email deliverability is the problem, another form of notification could work better.

What do you think would work best?  If you’re atutor, are you receiving the notification emails or have you ever had a reason not to respond to a job request?

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