Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Grow Your YouTube Channel

on July 05 at 07:42 PM

In this post, you will find ten essential tips and tactics to optimize your YouTube video content. These tips will surely help you to grow your YouTube channel.


1 Start With What You Do Best:

It would be best if you always started creating videos on the subject that you are interested in and have good knowledge. For example, you are good at printing, photo editing, and video gaming. Start creating videos based on the honor you have. You will be surely enjoying creating a video of your interest. You will have a lot of ideas when you know about a particular topic. If you start to create a related video of your interest, you will surely enjoy yourself a lot and in this way you can increase YouTube channel subscribers with short time.


2 Video Title Should be Eye Catchy:

The Title in the video plays a vital role. Your viewers will come to know what kind of video you have created through the video title. It would be best if you always used your title eye-catchy so that people will be excited to click your video.  Also, it would be best if you created your video caption good so that it appears good. 


3 Create Eye-Catchy Thumbnail:

Thumbnail is also a very important part of YouTube videos. It would be best if you created catchy eye thumbnail always. Many people also click the video by seeing the thumbnail as well. If you want to create a good thumbnail, there are lots of free thumbnails available on the play store. You can choose the thumbnail for your video from the play store, and then by using the editing tools, you can create a good thumbnail. Your thumbnail also helps people to click your video. 


4 Put Good Amount of Relevant Tags:

After you have used Good Title and description, eye-catchy thumbnail, you also need to use relevant tags in your video. Whenever people used to search on YouTube, if the search term relates to your video, then you need to add such tags in your video. You can easily get tags of your content online by using various keyword tools. For example, if you type the particular keyword in the search bar of the keyword tool, then it will show you all the tags that are related to that keyword.  Then you can choose the most relevant tags and copy these tags, and then you can use them in your tags. Whenever people use these tags, then your video will be seen in the search result, which is very important for YouTube videos.


5 Increase Watch Time:

The biggest problem with most YouTubers is that their YouTube video has very less watch time. Even though they created a great video and have excellent video views, their watch time does not increase. If your YouTube video has good watch time and enough subscribers, then based on this, your video will get monetized, and you will be able to make money.

Increasing the video watch time is in the hand of your people. They are the king of watch time; if they want, they will watch your entire video, and then only you will get watch time. You cannot increase the watch time. You need to request them and ask them to support you by watching your complete video. Also, you need to ask them to share the video with their friends if they like it. 

Also, you need to add good quality content regularly, so that it will help to increase the watch time. If people like your content, then they won't skip and will watch your complete video. There is no other way to increase the watch time of your videos.


6 Get More Comments and Likes:

What happens most of the time is when you add a video to YouTube, it gets only a few comments and likes. People used to comment and like very rare, so sometimes you also need to request comments and likes for your videos. It would be best if you asked people to comment on your video; this will help engagement in your video. Also, it would be best if you asked for likes as well. It would be a great idea to set a target daily to increase the likes of your video fast. 

People used to give you like because they love to interact with you. So it would help if you asked for like then only people used to give likes to your video. Asking likes and comments plays a very important role in your video to view in search results. YouTube always recommends the video, which has more likes and comments.


7 Maintain Consistency:

Frequency and consistency play a very important role in your video. So you have to add videos on YouTube regularly. You should maintain the video frequency and consistently add videos daily so that your viewers can get a lot of interest in your videos. Through this, you can increase your subscribers.


8 Content is King:

Always remember that content is king. Whatever content you are present to your viewers that should be best. It will help your video to get more views. So always try to provide great content to your viewers.


9 Create Awareness:

Sometimes what happens that you have good reach on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook? Then you can make use of these platforms to grow your YouTube channel. So you need to increase awareness of your video on the social media platform. If you don't know the social media platform, you can create a channel on YouTube as well. Create your account on all of the social media platforms. People will able to get aware of your YouTube channel through any of these social platforms. It is also one of the best ways to increase the subscribers of your YouTube channel.


10 Use Google Trends:

Through this, you will get to know what most people used to search on the Internet. You can also try this based on a region basis. And create videos on that particular topic. You need to create a video on the topic, which is more in trend. And your channel will get more views if you create a video on a trending topic.


Take Away:

The above discussed top 10 tips will surely help you to grow your YouTube channel. This will help you to get good subscribers and increase the watch time of your video. Also, you will get motivated that you can do something on YouTube.

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