Avoid any risk in the nail salon

on June 15 at 06:08 AM
Have you ever left a nail salon with an unexpected result: pollution? Some nail salons are a haven for germs and germs, and a small cut on the skin of the nail can cause a real contagious disease if the correct cleaning strategies are not followed.

According to the American Institute of Dermatology, health risks associated with salons include bacterial diseases; contagious contaminants such as a competitor's foot, nail parasite, and yeast; and viral diseases.

Taking into account environmental factors and cleaning strategies in your living room is very important to ensure that your experience is pleasant and charming. Here are some tips from BTG Beauty Care Products Inc. that you should pay attention to when you next visit the salon:

* How to clean nail tools such as scissors, manicure scissors, and recorders? Hot cleaning or synthetic disinfection with an antiseptic and fungicide is preferred. Some salons are safe using the newly opened nail registers for each client.

* Would you say that you accept deep cleansing? Nails should be moistened and cleaned with detergent before use. Also, ensure that the cleaning container has been thoroughly cleaned.

* Appearance count. Impeccable and tidy space can learn a lot about salon practices. Also, check if your salon works with valid licenses and whether experts are properly licensed and trained.

* When you choose pure shading, do not bend so that it does not open? Many salon proponents are concerned about unhealthy devices, but shouldn't something be said about the many people who use this nail polish cleaner?

“Tool disinfection is only part of the deal,” said Ben Friedman, BTG's beautification director. “Using a new, perfect can of nails to clean your nails will be sterile. Brushing nails should be considered like a toothbrush, and I would not want to give anyone my brush. ”

The organization has developed yet another program called Toma Salon Administration, which is available at various beauty salons across the country. Instead of choosing a shade that has been opened and used, the nail administration in these salons now includes another unopened can of Toma SlimLine clean, which you can take home after the administration is complete 먹튀검증. Also, if you get a cleaning chip soon, can you easily repair it at home with the cleaning included in your manual?
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