World and Corona virus

on June 10 at 04:47 PM
Above picture has taken from Shahbag, Dhaka which was very busy road before Corona virus.Now street is empty.Is coronavirus changing the world in this way? Is that what the Almighty Creator wanted? Is this how the world, which has turned gray under the pressure of pollution, filth, smoke, fighting, war, violence, greed and selfishness, wanted to be liberated in this way? How many centuries later the water in the canals of Venice is turning blue again, the fish are back there. The smoky sky of China today is wearing a clear blue sari. The noisy roads of Italy-Spain-Germany-France-England are all silent, frozen! The gutters are shutting down, the factories are gasping for breath decades later. Delhi's air is again pollution free. America's Times Square is depopulated. The black pitch road, crushed by human pressure day and night, and the dazzling huge LED boards seem to be resting. The dolphins have returned to the sea in Cox's Bazar. Petrol consumption in the world has decreased by almost half. Greenhouse gas emissions have fallen to an unimaginable level. With countless meetings-conferences-announcements over the decades, swift statesmen from all over the world; And what the environmentalists could not do despite various movements-protests-calls, how it happened in an instant! Like an invisible magic! 

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