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on June 08 at 10:48 AM

At one stage of my life, I was brought to Poland, where my acquaintance with long-distance running began. For two years of running, Polish starts have taken a fairly strong position in my running calendar. And during this time I visit about 10 half marathons in this country, some of them have collected up to 300 runners and some several thousand. But they all had one very distinctive feature, they are all very well organized, many half marathons have their own websites and Facebook page pages, have great routes certified by PZLA (Polish Athletics Federation), so the error in the distance if they happen, then quite small and quite good support for the spectators on the track. One feature of half marathons in Poland is that, compared to other European countries, early registration for their start-ups is quite cheap and starts mostly at 50 zlotys. Another advantage of Poland is that it is quite cheap to get there and the accommodation itself is quite cheap.



Well, if you want to start getting acquainted with Polish half marathons, then, of course, you have to start with some interesting half marathon. Since a lot of them are happening here, the site is ranked among the 12 most popular half marathons taking place in Poland. What can be said to be the most popular half marathon in 2018 was the PZU Półmaraton Warszawski (it was my second half marathon). A total of 76,598 runners took part in these 12 half marathons in 2018. They also have two half marathons that have the Label IAAF, the PZU Półmaraton Warszawski (Silver Label Road Races) and ONICO Gdynia Półmaraton (Bronze Label Road Races).

Name — City — Amount
PZU Półmaraton Warszawski — Warsaw — 12469
PKO Poznań Półmaraton] — Poznan — 10984
PKO Nocny Wrocław Półmaraton — Wroclaw — 10776
PZU Cracovia Półmaraton Królewski — Krakiv — 8757
4F Półmaraton Praski — Warsaw — 6714
ONICO Gdynia Półmaraton — Gdynia — 5898
PANAS Półmaraton Ślężański — Sodytka — 4078
Półmaraton Philipsa] — Pila — 3826
Bieg Lechitów — Gnezno — 3479
Amber Expo Półmaraton Gdańsk — Gdansk — 3371
PKO Białystok Półmaraton — Bialystok — 3212
Krakowski Półmaraton Marzanny — Krakiv — 3034

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