Wild race series "wild"

on June 05 at 12:41 PM

To get acquainted with the series of "wild" races I had an opportunity in early February when I was looking for an interesting run to start a new racing season. Getting started with this series began with the run of "Wild North Way". In addition to the "Wild North Way" winter race in the "wild" series, there are still three races with distances from 7 to 50 km, which take place in spring and autumn. The "wild" series has been created to give its participants an interesting adventure and experience their strength in the forest, field, swamp, sand, and snow.

Wild North Way:


  1. Venue: Konche-Zaspa;
  2. Distance: 10 km, 20 km;
  3. Type: Trail;
  4. Time: February;
  5. Organizer: SC North

The run of "Wild North Way" was the first run of the "wild" series, which takes place in the month of February on the territory of the picturesque place Konche-Zaspa. The main run route runs through the forest and adjoining fields and marshes. There are also several asphalt coats. The race was quite interesting as it allows you to enjoy the winter ride and beautiful views of the snow-covered forest, fields, and swamps. And also test your forces at the trail distance and open a new jogging season with a great and interesting ride.

Wild Top Trail


  1. Venue: Vyshgorod;
  2. Distance: 7 km, 15 km;
  3. Type: Trail;
  4. Time: March;
  5. Organizer: SC North

If you wanted to meet the wild spring, then the run of "Wild Top Trail", was created specifically for this. It passes in the natural green, flood-plain area of the city of Vyshgorod. Two distances of 7 and 15 km are available for selection, which will allow you to feel the beauty of the trail running.

Wild Desert Ultratrail


  1. Venue: Oleshkovsky Sands;
  2. Distance: 10 km, 20 km, 50 km;
  3. Type: Trail;
  4. Time: September;
  5. Organizer: SC North

Want to test your strength in the desert race, then the Wild Desert Ultratrail run is specially designed for you. "Wild Desert Ultratrail" runs on the territory of Oleshkovsky sands - it is the second-largest sand array in Europe. You can test your strength on three distances: 10 km, 20 km, and 50 km. "Wild Desert Ultratrail" is the longest run in the "wild" series and is quite interesting as it passes through the sandy massif and will surely give you new experiences and interesting experience. Therefore, if you want to run through the deserts, then "Wild Desert Ultratrail" is waiting for you to test your strength and give new impressions of running.

Wild Wood Race


  1. Venue: City of Irpin;
  2. Distance: 6 hours;
  3. Type: Trail;
  4. Time: November;
  5. Organizer: SC North

"Wild Wood Race" stands apart in the "wild" series and is the final competition in this series. Wild and Wild Top Trail have tested your individual qualities in snow, sand, forest, and swamps, so the Wild Wood Race organizers have decided to give you more fun and adventure experiences on Wood Race. A very different format of the competition is waiting for you. The "Wild Wood Race" is a 6-hour team race with elements of sports orienteering that passes through the forest. That's why "Wild Wood Race" will not only give good impressions and emotions but will also be able to test yourself in teamwork.

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