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Little Ultramarathon — “Kyiv Ultramarathon”

3 days, 4 hours ago

Kyiv Ultramarthon” — a unique opportunity to test yourself on long distances. Overcome 25, 50, or 100 km and get official results that will qualify for international ultra-races. The route lay on Trukhanov island — one of the most popular raids in Kyiv. For which there are slight differences in height.


While preparing a racing calendar for the summer, he accidentally stumbled upon the Kyiv ultramarathon. At the main distance, the length of which, imagine, as much as 100 km, I did not dare, but from 25 km decided to try to run. The interest was crazy: 25 km — something new to me, after all Before that I only participated in 21 km. There was no point in dragging on for a long time, so it quickly moved to and registered. Already by tradition on the eve of the launch, I took my number on the Truhanovo island, and, taking advantage of the opportunity, ran there. 

Start day


Participants of the main race ran on Saturday, I had to start at 8 on the morning of Sunday — it was the last of all possible distances (except for the mentioned 50 km and relay race for 50 and 100 km). We can not say that Sunday met us with good weather, but everything went fine — the run was really easy for me. I did not hurry, kept the average pace, and ran the first 3 miles in 23 minutes. What can you say about the weather? Running in the rain — something interesting and completely unusual not yet had time to start, but already wet. During the second round, I was lucky enough to meet O.Rekala, who finished his 100 km.

What are the results?

Moving further, 7 miles — 56 minutes and as a result, my first 25 km — 02:25:05. Although the route was 4 km longer than usual to me, the result was good and comforted me. I quickly dressed and went home, during which I met Sasha again. We exchanged impressions of the ultramarathon, congratulated each other and went to each other to their home in order to gain new strength.

What is special about this race?


The most memorable rain and how cool it was for the summer. I’ve had a glimpse of the landscape on the first circle, so the two remaining ones I ran on the machine.

Who can advise a 25 km race?


Arni version for those who want to test themselves in distances of 25, 50, or 100 km. He has, so to speak, favorable conditions for beginners — an even and asphalted track everywhere.

What about my experiences?

I was pleased — I experienced myself in an unusual distance for myself, which made it possible to evaluate myself and what to do next. In addition, the route was pretty good, which could not but cause delight and pleasant emotions from running.

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