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good morning guys it's 6:30 a.m. in the

morning and right now I mean Kerala

heading to the first up we're going to

go down the coast of it to a place

called a high al do Cabo supposed to

have some of the best beaches in the

state of Rio but maybe the best let's

see sky is pretty clear right now so it

looks like we're gonna have gonna have

good weather for the day and yeah we're

heading to the bus stop now


alright so we just arrived in a high

alder cabin

see you around this austin beach chair

called pariah those dangerous that's

what it's called right yeah that's what

it's called

and we just got some tickets to go on a

boat trip I think we're going to visit

some island some other cool beaches so

that's in about like two hours time so

we're going to be doing that and right

now we're just going to find somewhere

to have breakfast because we haven't

eaten yet and then yeah just chill on

this beach for a bit it's really cool

really calm at the moment got all the

fishing boats as well yeah you're gonna

get something three and then go


so this is a this is the trip we're

going to do we're here right now we're

going to go all the way around here to

these I at this island here and then go

back later on but we're going to visit

this one here and have lunch


we've just arrived at the first island

it's called dry ears so we're going to

check this place out

I think I can take my camera on this one

we're going to say the GoPro as well to

get some good shots but I think on the

other beaches I won't be able to use my

camera because you got to swim to get

there so yeah let's see how it is


alright the water is freezing right here

like so cold the color is beautiful

though all right this place isn't

completely incredible man like the sun's

completely white seas really clear as

well so the nickname of this place is

called the Caribbean of Rio and you can

see why obviously


alright time to get back on the boat

ready go go go go go go go go go Carroll

is going to do some extreme jumping

right now so let's see how that looks


alright guys so we just arrived at the

final destination which is called prior

to fight off we was supposed to go to

the other Island back there at the last

place that I filmed but there was a

waiting time of like 30 to 40 minutes

and people didn't want to wait so they

decided to take us here we could

actually get back on the boat and go

back to where we started but we

preferred it we prefer to stay on this

beach this boat disposal like a little

trail back to the yeah back to the

original beach we run so we're gonna do

that and just stay here instead and I

did bring my drone this time I haven't

used it that much here in Brazil but I

brought it so I met a nice quiet little

spot now and yeah I'm gonna film it with

the drone


so just drop by to have lunch on the

beach I got this fish dish here with

black beans rice leftist Carol's got the

same taste good

and then behind you got this awesome


it's beautiful


all right so we just finished having

dinner at the beach now we do in the

trail that leaves the beach and and

basically goes back to where we started

from say his tyrant


all right so me and Carol are going to

head out now we're tired and Carol

actually has to head back to Rio today

because she's going to work tomorrow so

yeah we've got to go back to my

grandma's which gonna take about an hour

and then go back to Rio which is gonna

take like two or three hours so we've

got all that ahead of us and yeah so I'm

gonna be closing the vlog out now I hope

you enjoyed this this video the yeah the

beaches was amazing probably some of the

best beaches I've ever been to I

couldn't possibly be the best feature

I've been to I'm not sure thinking right

now and yeah it's just very different to

the beaches that we've been going to we

incop Cabana any Fatima because the

color yeah the color of the sand and the

ocean is very different here is a lot

more tropical which is why they call it

the Caribbean of Rio obviously so I hope

you enjoyed it if you did please drop me

a like and subscribe to the channel do

you like to see more and that's all for

me for today see you later




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