Monkey Attack Mount Kelimutu - Travel vlog

on May 16 at 08:23 AM
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previously on sailing doodles we saw the

MAL meri Indonesia in this episode we

visit some volcanic lakes and get

attacked by a monkey follow along on our

journey as we sail 15,000 miles to

Thailand and this channel is made

possible by our patrons mal meri is the

largest city on the island of Flores and



all right we made it

Aladdin's there guy he's gonna take care

of us Aladdin is the Imam at the local

mosque and also runs a yacht services

company helping cruisers with everything

they need he was helping us to get

Diesel's set up a tour for us and showed

us around his city




I've been in some I mean I lived in

Nigeria for four years and I've been all

over Africa and I spent it's a pretty

place murders a lot trash this is just

everywhere it's awful do not fall in

there no I mean there's like some kind

of dead animal right there it's all

earlier yeah oh it smells bad one of the

great things about Southeast Asia

is that you know fried rice noodles egg

a little bit of teeth you know whatever

this is like a dollar a piece and then

the beers are less than a dollar they

might be a little warning you just say

less than a dollar I'd buy that for a

dollar name the movie quote

but I mean being able to get food it's

this is really good too and they just

made any was fresh so cheap I mean it's


mm well that's spicy

that evening Aladdin had us over to his

home to introduce us to his family and

show us his scrapbook of all the

cruisers he's helped over the years from

91 he's been doing this a long time it's

pretty cool all the boats that he's

helped the next morning well before dawn

we had a tour set up to take us to the

kelimutu volcanic lakes


all right about three hour drive to this

point we are getting back in we're

almost there


alright non-exec sir how long of a hike

it is but kilometer 50-minute race yeah

there were plenty of signs reminding us

that kelimutu is an active volcano


the lakes frequently change colors

depending on the chemical makeup of the

gases flowing up through them it's not

very well understood but mostly people

think it has to do with the oxidation

levels on our visit they were blue and

green but they could easily be red or



notice those purple

don't ask me where she does see energy I

don't know she had a little caffeine

this morning


this is really steep I'm out of breath

high altitude lots of steps

well monkey

all right I got a little food I'm gonna

try to feed the monkey hey babe you are

what you eat

he's gone nuts he's monkeys don't play

around man that's hilarious all right so

I think I have monkey pox or something

because they scratched you scratched me

and broke the skin a little time see it

hopefully I know it flings poo you never

know and monkeys are gonna attack all

right they're extractor distracted

eating noodles I think we can pass



so we left kelimutu and made a stop at

their healing hot springs on the way


I'm not exactly sure what town were in

right now we're taking a little break

Aladin who's been our guide for this

whole thing is actually in the mosque

praying so we are waiting while he's

just covering up so see what's going on

around here got dirty feet no dirty feet

on the boat

he doesn't like the noise is gonna kick

me it's going for a ride

that coward did not want to go for a

ride I really blame him he's probably

being hauled off the beach or something


back in town Aladdin had our fuel jugs

filled so we took him to the boat


some some pretty exciting news for you

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