Here Are 6 Different Types of Cranes That You Should Know About

on April 29 at 04:49 PM
Cranes are heavy machines that are normally used in construction and manufacturing activities. They are used to lift and lower heavy objects, thus making the construction work easier. There are many different types of cranes available on the market. The following are some varieties of cranes and activities for which they are most useful.
  1. Under slung cranes
    These are cranes that are attached to the ceiling and are ideal for use in small spaces where the building requirements are specialised. The under slung cranes in Aurangabad can be used to complete constructions in low buildings where the specifications are complicated. They are very useful in achieving refined building requirements.
  2. Floating cranes
    These are cranes that are ideal for constructions that are offshore. They are ideal for lifting heavy loads when loading and unloading ships. Floating cranes are also used to lift ships that are sunken. They are fixed, which means that they cannot rotate, and they generally have a capacity of 9,000 tons.
  3. Harbour cranes
    Harbour cranes are powerful cranes that are used at ports to load or unload cargo from ships. They are very flexible machines, and they make transportation at the ports much easier.
  4. Electronic overhead travelling cranes
    Electronic overhead travelling cranes, or EOT cranes as they are usually referred to, are cranes that are operated electronically and have runways that are parallel. You can source for EOT cranes manufacturers in Aurangabad who will supply you with this particular type of cranes. They are frequently used in factories and constructions and they have the capacity to lift up to 500 tonnes. The EOT cranes manufacturers in Aurangabad will offer you two different types of EOT cranes, namely single girder and double girder. The single girder EOT crane is ideal for carrying lighter loads, while the double girder is suitable for carrying heavier loads.
  5. Crawler cranes
    These are cranes that move with the help of tracks. The main advantage of crawler cranes is that they can move on all types of surfaces, including soft soil where the site is still unprepared. Crawler cranes serve a very different purpose from the under slung cranes in Aurangabad because they are extremely heavy and move very slowly on their tracks. They are used to transfer loads in wide areas.
  6. Aerial cranes
    Aerial cranes look a lot like helicopters. They are used to carry loads to areas that are difficult to reach by road. They have the capacity to carry loads like cars and boats, and they are useful for rescue purposes in times of disaster.

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