Victims of a Failed Society

on April 21 at 02:13 PM
This piece had me choked up like hell. As a father, I don't know which emotion is burning deeper in me: rage, sorrow or disgust. I don't think I have been touched by a piece of fiction like this in my life. You are an amazing wordsmith, I want to read more but I am not sure if I could take a second piece like this in one day. I almost skipped this based on the image as I was thinking it was clickbait but it really set the tone for what was to follow.
I am truly amazed at what you pulled off here in words. @erodedthoughts

Hello There,
I know Nigeria like the palm of my hands, I came across Hope's story a year ago and it was miraculous that that woman helped! Going forward, I know this isn't just a written piece of fiction (well its fiction) but influenced by a real event. This is what affects the society today, and I must say that you described it so perfectly in words. Did any of your close buddies experience this?
Keep penning! @Immortal-Tongue

I flew by this as a fast read to taste the story but not staying so long as to break a heart a second. I soon realised that your words came together like a dance. They kept up with the fast reading speed. So now I ask, did the author write the story in the midst of slipping? And now I recall the moment he needed to rise.
God bless. @machnbirdsparo

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