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How to Write a Guest Post that Sells?

on March 26 at 08:14 AM

Guest posts are the blogs that you write for another website to elevate your pitch about your product.

It’s the best way to gain audience traction from other platforms and get a new audience for your business. 

If the guest post you’re writing for has a great Internet presence, then your post can get noticed and gain enormous results for your business. 

Some websites also asked for payment before publishing your guest post, but as long as the guest posting is free for other publishing websites, you can avail the perk and gain traffic for your business. 

So, when you’re pitching a guest post request, here’s how to make it sell. 


First: Find the Relevant Niche 

If you want to write a guest post for any website, you have to first know that if it’s relevant to your industry or not. For example, if your niche is technology so you have to find technology-related websites so you can find the same audience for your business. 

If you pitch websites other than technology, the context will become different and the traffic you gain will be of no use. 

To find the relevant websites, search using the term, “your niche + guest post.” This will find you the authentic guest posting websites. 


Second: Study their Guidelines Thoroughly

Every guest posting site has a set of guidelines that they want writers to follow when they are asking them to write. Some take money while others have a limited word count, some offer specific topic to write and some doesn’t accept guest post without reaching their criteria. 

So, to nail your guest posting pitch, you have to work according to the guidelines.


  • What does the website expect you to write?
  • Who’s your target audience?
  • Do they allow links to your website?
  • What topics do they cover the most?


Before emailing the, if you research their website thoroughly, you’ll create a better pitch for them and you can talk stating the website facts.



Third: Share your Portfolio

When you pitch for a guest posting request, you should share your experience with the website to make them know about your work. And some websites, do accept that in your email pitches. If you’re covering the tips and tricks of web design Bahrain on the guest posting site, you should share the relevant samples with them so they can judge your work.

So, only share those pieces of content which are published with your name online and make you a credible author. This makes the editor believe in your work and accept your request to guest post.      


Fourth: Write Effectively 

Now, that your request has been accepted, you must start writing for the website. But remember, this will be the first impression of your writing on them so you have to be careful while writing. 

If they have assigned you the keywords, focus on it and work on the readability of your content.   

Use a strong title, catchy headlines and bullet points to make your content easy to read. If you know the art of storytelling, use it to engage readers more than anything because stories captivate audience attention. 

Keep the audience in mind while keeping them in front. Read your content loud and proofread it several times so you can stay out of typos and grammatical errors. 

Once you’re 100% satisfied then finalize it for publishing. 


Fifth: Don’t Forget to Introduce your Business 

There’s no use of guest post if you don’t promote your website through it. It’s a golden opportunity which you can’t miss to afford and if in case, you missed it you miss the promotional opportunity for your business. 

So, either in the author's bio or the body of the content, wherever it’s allowed introduce your business in such a way that readers don’t realize it and it doesn’t seem forceful. 


Last: Work on your Author Bio 

Your author bio is the most powerful part of your blog. You should make it like a maestro that arise curiosity in people to know more about you. And a good author bio reveals your creative side. So, the creative the author bio, the higher the engagement on your post. 

Now, if your guest posts have the above traits, it will surely be successful and work beyond your expectations. 

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