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Passive Income Success through ONPASSIVE

on February 18 at 12:22 AM

Have you ever stopped to think about what life would be like if your income was 100% passive? You know, having all the money you want, so you can buy what you want and enjoy all the things that you think you can only dream about?

Yeah, that kind of passive income. Don’t say it’s not possible because it actually is not only possible, but it is extremely simple and easy to do. And you don’t need to run for cover for fear of losing money here either. Because this opportunity is 100% money-back guaranteed, so there is no risk at all. Okay, now that we have that taken care of, let me tell you how it works.

The company is an information technology company, so the products are digital and are of the highest quality ever released to humanity. And there are 4 entry levels to choose from. 25 US Dollars, 125 US Dollars, 250 US Dollars, and 500 US Dollars. Meaning, there are 4 levels that each grant access to different suits of online marketing tools. Each level also has its own speed of delivering passive hands-free income. Let me explain. 

The 25 Dollar level gives you access to a fabulous set of tools but provides no traffic. However, your team will start growing from spillover from your sponsor.

All the higher levels from 125 Dollars to the 500 Dollars, give you access to proportionally more online tools as well as traffic to build your own team, these levels build your passive income much faster.

If you choose to go in at the 125 Dollars level, it would cost you 150 US Dollars, because each level lower than the one you choose must be paid.

So Going all in, would cost you 900 US Dollars.

My recommendation is to go all-in if you can afford it, because not only do you get access to passive spendable money much quicker, it also grows much larger in much less time.

Not to worry though, each level will get you to complete financial freedom in time.

The lower levels just take more time. Even if you go in only at the 25 Dollars level.

As your team grows from spillover, the system will automatically upgrade you to the next level.

And it will keep upgrading you by using your commissions until you are all-in. Once you are all-in, your commissions become an ever-growing passive spendable income that is available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Absolute passive financial freedom through ONPASSIVE artificial intelligence. Join us Today!

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