How Content Marketing Improves Business: Stats and Aspects

on January 23 at 04:22 PM

One of the primary concern of business owners is finding viable yet cost-effective solutions for better marketing. Many aspects of digital marketing that yield plenty of results, but return on investment concerns remain constant. For example, video marketing is one of the most important and effective tool for digital marketing, but some may find the cost too much to bear.

However, content marketing enables not only broader for many companies, but also helps them garner an audience through lucrative solutions. The primary goal of content marketing is engaging readers into appealing content, which provokes them into buying of a product or endorsing a service. Which is why stats prove that Content marketing provides greater ROI compared to other aspects of digital marketing.

Enhanced Brand Identity

One of the chief ingredients of content marketing is increasing your brand identity. It enhances on your brand’s central idea by the creation of content that becomes synonymous with your brand. Not only does it help companies engage their users, but also it almost guarantees to turn your lead into customers. According to stats, more than 60% of people learned of a business through social media, such as twitter.

Creating brand identity through social media is one of the key steps in creating recognition through content marketing. Considering more than 3.5 billion users on social media, the staggering number suggests social media content solutions are more likely to yield results. Which is why Content marketing promises a greater ROI because if it’s lesser cost than other marketing strategies.

Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Stats suggest that 95% of the people do not care to look past the first page of a search engine. That solidifies the need to optimize your content accordingly. Another stat suggests that 93% of the internet activities began with a search, of which most are on search engines. Which is why digital marketing agencies make a Wikipedia page for your business in order to garner you a viable search engine presence.


One of the prime challenges of content marketing is creating engaging content. In fact, stats suggest that 65% of the companies struggle with creating appealing content. Apart from the articulate fact that content marketing is cost-effective, it is also efficient. Bearing in mind how specific content is fashioned according to a brand, and its target audience, engaging content is able to yield significant results. In conclusion, content marketing yields great results, but it requires an acute understanding of niche and target market.

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