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The Future of Digital Marketing in India: Top 5 Reasons Why It Is Bright!

on January 22 at 09:33 AM

We have rung in the new year 2020 with a bang; and many of us, especially those associated with the Digital Marketing field would be curious in knowing what is the future scope of the digital marketing industry. Particularly in a country like India. Well, one thing is sure that it is going to be bright. That brings us to a question as to what are the reasons behind it being so. Well, we will be stating them right here! Go through them as they tell you about the scope of digital marketing in India as well.

Let’s get on with the reasons….

  1. Organizations have started taking Digital Marketing seriously

The thing is that today, individuals have started to understand the role and importance of the web in the functioning of their business. The good news for organizations of all sizes and shapes is that there is no need to worry about having in place an ala TV-sized expenditure plan to benefit from the Digital advertising endeavors. The majority of the companies out there are deploying Digital Marketing in order to make profits and ensure growth for their businesses.

This is evident from a couple of stats mentioned below,

More than 500 job vacancies in Ahmedabad alone!

In excess of 12K vacancies on a popular job portal like Naukri!  

  1. Reaching out to the global markets

If we consider India, there happen to be many businesses that have their target audience in a foreign land, e.g. the U.S. What better than the digital platform to reach out to them. After all, the saying “Going Digital is Going Global” holds so true in today’s times. With the help of popular digital platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. available at hand, it is easy to reach out to any audience from any corner of the globe. These social media platforms have got such a wider and penetrative reach that one can connect with almost anybody out there. Literally! Such is their power, and anything is possible using social media.

Going further, there are a number of foreign-based companies like the ones in the U.S. that are known to prefer and opt for the Indian Digital Marketing agencies in order to plan, design and carry out their social media campaigns.

In short, the Digital Marketing circuit in India is a happening place.

So, to be a part of this happening industry, one can get trained with the help of Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai from reputed institutes across the country.      

  1. Brings about a rise in the marketing revenue

Owing to the emergence and wide acceptance of Digital Marketing, marketers have observed that there have been a 5 times rise in their routine sales as compared to earlier times! That’s the magic Digital Marketing has cast in the field of marketing.

Now, if this scenario continues for a couple of years more, it has been predicted that the revenues will further double in 2020. This alone will underline the brighter and growing future of Digital Marketing.

It would be wrong to say that this field is only meant for the marketers out there. Instead, it has its door open for all those who are planning a career in Digital Marketing. In fact, we are living in times where Digital Marketing is meant for everyone!

  1. An affordable marketing platform

If one is to go by the recent marketing trends, businessmen and industrialists are on the hunt for individuals who can consult them optimum and affordable marketing strategies based on their needs.

Considering the affordability factor, Digital Marketing proves to be the most cost-effective marketing platform that exists today, in comparison to the rest of the marketing platforms available. In addition, those times are gone and buried when huge budgets were spent on targeting the desired audience.

With Digital Marketing now available at hand, along with Digital Marketing Classes in Pune such as those from Digital Trainee that provide desired knowledge and training, one can go for a wider reach, that too at a much lesser cost.

This has led to numerous industries and organizations heavily investing in Digital Marketing to conquer their marketing goals.

  1. The increasing use of mobile phones by consumers

Mobile phones have not just outscored the popularity of other digital gadgets but outnumbered them as well. The biggest advantage of smartphones is that they are easy to use and extremely handy. The reason why they have become a primary choice for all of us. With a constant rise in the number of components, accompanied by the rest of the benefits, smartphones are all set to rule the Digital Marketing industry. This would result into value promotion of Digital Marketing in the near future.

 These serve to be the major reasons as to why Digital Marketing indeed holds a bright future in the world, and especially in India. 

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