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Identifying Earth's Rising Leader

on December 02 at 07:54 PM

Whatever reality we may exist within, it is certain that the culmination of world/s is expected.  Therefore, many live in the expectation of a series of events to transpire in sequence.  The fact about these expectations is that it depends greatly upon not only events but the actions of the ones who are the key players.  That is to say, there is not one fixed outcome but several outcomes that can be delivered to the earth. 

On a grand scale only what is determined through the cosmic laws shall occur. Thus, in this instance, it was heard that a great leader shall arise in righteousness.  This means, justice, equity, and equality for all on a global scale.  The prayers of many people seeking good and a leader who can cause them to experience the expected compassion and mercies of Powerful One has been made to manifest.  Therefore, it might be fair to say that the world powers would change. This would see a distinct change in many policies worldwide; even a total overhaul of the way things are done on earth through the name of politics and religion. 

How to identify a leader in the making?  Most definitely this leader does not reside or hail from the west. Furthermore, it would be a leader that embodies humility, compassion, and justice.   When one looks at the world’s economic strata and other international organizations it is clear there is a need for true justice to be installed.  There is a need for equity when it comes to the distribution of resources, opportunities and of earth’s wealth.  Through the implementation of divine theocratic law, the system under which we now exist that are being held fast by the laws of man shall be replaced. 

A system of justice and equity will deliver the dispersing of lawless societies and the ushering forth of a system that will grant security, righteousness, wellbeing, and knowledge of right.  The rights of people who did not know they were benefactors of an inheritance that is rich in heritage and most of all indestructible as well as powerful will be made manifest.  Those who are humble and loving good, will run into this light.  It will be the way forward for the next millennia to come.  

When looking for the next leader who will bring about this revolution, do bear these characteristics in mind.




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