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on November 16 at 12:06 AM
DTL Diamonds VIP Club, The first 100 Members will have to hold 100,000 TRXLounge. The first 50 Members holding 100,000 DTL will receive a welcoming package with assorted coins. To be announced.

100 Members- 100,000 DTL
101-200 Members 200,000 DTL
201-300 Members 400,000 DTL
301-400 Members 600,000 DTL
401-500 Members 1,000,000 DTL

We will verifying members monthly to make sure they continue to hold the correct amount of TRXLounge. After every 100 Members the amount you have to hold will keep increasing but the amount you join in is the amount you must hold monthly so if you join in at 200,000 that is the amount that you will need to keep monthly in your account. The earlier you buy in the less amount you will have to hold.

First 25 Members get automatic admission in the GuildChat DTL Diamond Club (Invitation only club).
If you are interested in buying TRXLounge(DTL) please goto

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