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Richard Mille RM 68-01 Tourbillon Cyril Kongo is an art watch

Swiss Richard Mille and Hublot used this year in collaboration with tattoo artist and graphic designer Maxime Büchi's Big Bang Sang replica watches, A very different way of collaboration.

After more than a year of development, a special spray gun was created that allowed Kongo to spray everything from the floor to the wheel with a single drop of paint. More importantly, even on titanium alloys, the paint must be indelible to withstand any friction during assembly.

Kongo's label is both hand-painted and applied with a fine-tipped pen, giving him the iconic mural aesthetic on a microscopic scale.

The result is a skyrocketing color and pattern that can be seen from a variety of different angles, including through the sapphire glass bottom cover.

Richard Mille RM 68-01 tourbillon Cyril Kongo only issued 30 models. When each component is finely calibrated so that even a thin layer can damage the balance of the movement, a lighter paint is no easy task.

The process of transferring King Kong's graffiti to the movement of the watch quickly brought its own challenges. Richard Mille seems to have released a bolder, brighter watch this year – the latest RM 68-01 tourbillon Cyril Congo (no exception). In collaboration with the Parisian street artist Cyril Kongo (aka Mr. Colorful), this luxury mens watch is spray painted on Richard Hole's hollow dial and movement. The color of the poster is bright.

Richard Mille recruits Cyril Kongo, one of the world's most respected "street entertainers," to install his spray can on the new RM 68-01 tourbillon

For Cyril Kongo, who was born in Cyril Phan in Toulouse in 1969, it is important that the watch should act as a graffiti canvas, even though the watch is larger than the wall he usually uses. Smaller.Breitling for Bentley replica

It turns out that this process has a high demand for Kongo: "Some pieces are only a few millimeters in length, some are even smaller, I have to put a word on it directly - enough to produce a visual effect, but without using too much Paint to avoid losing balance. Exercise."

Big Bang Sang Bleu required a redesigned movement to work with Büchi's geometric discs for the dial. Richard Mille asked Kongo to stamp the existing RM 68-01 tourbillon, decorate the entire movement and add to the dial. Iconic style forged carbon crown.

Richard Mille presents his sweets through the Bonbon collection

The work of Richard Mille is always easy to spot in the crowd. Thanks to its avant-garde style, rich color usage and comprehensive technical level, it is not difficult to understand how the company has developed into one of the most well-known brands in the contemporary watch industry. The new Bonbon series released this week at SIHH will continue to focus on this trend and focus on sweetness. Yes, the lineup of ten watches is very limited, and each limited edition is 30 pieces. These are the candy of our young people. It is directly converted from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (William Wonka & Chocolate Factory). A scene.Hublot Big Bang Chrono Perpetual Calendar replica

The entire work of the new collection is based on Richard Mille's previous timepieces. The identifiable models such as RM 07-03, RM 16-01 and RM 37-01 have been completely remodeled and have a fresh aesthetic. Richard Mille's founding partner, Dominique Guenat's daughter, Cécile Guenat, served as artistic director of the series and injected each model into it. Additional Joie de vivr e.

These 10 versions are further divided into the Sweets series (four watches) or the Fruits series (six replica watches for sale). The watches in the “Fruit” group all use CarbonTPT® or QuartzTPT®, which is the same layered material as Rafael Nadal's RM 27-03 tourbillon. The watches in the “Sweets” collection are wrapped in two-tone ceramics. All new watches contain a variety of details to help them stand out. Some models of miniature fruit and candy are scattered on the dial, while other models of crowns and straps are in the shape of cupcakes and gelato bowls.

The development of the series began 18 months ago, during which time more than 60 colors were completed and finalized. Guenat and her team relied on the brand's expertise during the partnership with street artist Cyril Kongo to complete the project at RM 68-01. The miniature sculptures on the dial of the fruit series are coated with acrylic before hand-painting. Finally, the "icing" effect is achieved by enamel powder and then covered in fine sand used in the hourglass.

Richard Mille has proven time and time again that his unconventional methods and unexpected release are the main reasons for his continued growth. At first glance, it may be difficult to understand the value of these whimsical works, but there is no doubt that they have caused repercussions. Guenat and her team did a great job of refreshing the previous generations of RM with its bright colors and fantastic candy-based miniatures. Richard Mille Bonbon's collection is full of energy, reminding people that even in the busiest weeks of the watch industry, the collection doesn't have to be so awake and serious, and can be relaxed. Full of joy.Michele Deco Non-Diamond MWW06P000014 Replica

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