A Review of Klapp and Skerra Cricket Helmets

on September 10 at 10:05 AM

Cricket helmet is a very important cricket protective gear. This piece of equipment serves to protect your head from being struck by the bowler’s delivery. Every batsman is required to wear one. No buts, safety always comes first. 

Shopping for a cricket helmet might sound easy. But you should choose the one that has quality and durability. It can also depend on your preference such as the size and if it doesn’t restrict you from moving all around the field during a match. A cricket helmet has to fully protect your head from injuries or concussion. 

Here are two recommended cricket helmets that you should check out:

1) Klapp Armor Cricket Helmet 

This is one of the most popular cricket helmets that you can find in online shopping sites. The key feature of this helmet is its back head protection and adjustable steel grill. You’re safe from any danger because it is protective and impact-resistant. It is made of polypropylene which makes it durable and safe to wear.

Klapp Armor Cricket Helmet comes with different colours such as green, orange and blue. You will feel comfortable as you wear this helmet. This is because it is sweat-absorbent with breathable inner padding. It is also not restrictive whereas you can play freely without being distracted by the helmet itself.

This item is sold at ₹ 799.00. Prices may vary in other online shopping websites. You can also check out other products from Klapp that you might also like and use. 

2) Skerra Cricket Helmet

Skerra Cricket Helmet is made of durable and high-impact materials. It offers superior protection as it has a face guard grill with a moulded earpiece and adjustable chin strap. This helmet also reduces sweat. This is because of its free flow air circulation and sweat absorbent fabric.

The soft cushioning of the inner shell of the helmet brings comfort to your head. It is also lightweight and doesn’t make you feel heavy during the match. It comes with different sizes and it is only available in blue. This item’s price ranges from ₹ 499.00 to ₹ 539.00. 

The customers who bought this cricket helmet are overwhelmed with its quality. Skerra Cricket Helmet is made for excellent head protection.

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