4 exciting reasons to join Ebakus

on August 21 at 04:03 AM
Ebakus is one of the most outstanding blockchain protocols built for developers. Let us analyze why taking the plunge and joining Ebakus can be an exciting proposition.

Reason #1: You can build usable and accessible dapps

One of the main reasons why Ebakus will be popular with developers is its ability to allow for the building of highly interactive and usable dapps. This means that developers can deploy their dapps on the Ebakus blockchain effortlessly by taking advantage of EbakusDB — a schema driven transactional database for handling large datasets. Combined with DPOS consensus algorithm, EbakusDB allows for speed and ability to scale your dapps seamlessly.

Reason #2: Zero fees

Ebakus knows exactly how important it is to onboard new users. As a result, they have made it possible to interact with the blockchain free of charge. Rather than requiring a token balance to interact with the Ebakus blockchain, users pay no fees. Instead, transaction fees are paid through a low difficulty POW. This not only reduces the friction of the onboarding process, but also allows developers to reach large audiences with their applications.

Reason #3: Ethereum compatibility

Ebakus is ideal for Ethereum developers that have built their dapps on Ethereum and cannot compete with EOS dapps, as it enables you to migrate with minimum effort and remain competitive.

Reason #4: NFTs and smart contracts for games

Last but not least, Ebakus supports NFTs and smart contracts. As a developer on Ebakus, your customers can enjoy enhanced gameplay by owning and trading game assets on the blockchain. Additionally, game logic that runs on Ebakus blockchain smart contracts allows game developers to build versatile game applications transparently and securely. This enhanced transparency is essential in establishing trust between developers and gamers.

Unlike first, second and third-generation dapp platforms, Ebakus is way ahead when it comes to building scalable and feasible blockchain applications. Hopefully, these reasons have convinced you to join Ebakus blockchain.

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Originally published at on August 15, 2019.

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