Compelling Justice

on August 13 at 07:22 PM

Compelling Justice

A Poem by Sathyum

When the forces seem to be against you press forward.

Many times you have stumbled you have fallen
every time you rise above the instance
remember to give thanks for all the support and guidance given to you
for it was by sheer grace you were not trampled upon.
You have grown to be stronger wiser and much more prudent
you have learned the way is never what it seems but against an
opponent so deceptive one can but only know that trust is never handed over
it is earned.
Is it now by injustice and cruelty that you must exist to walk the way
you have come to believe in? 
Nay! for you it was upon you the way of wickedness and stupidity has been brought down
and yet you must prevail for it is not against mere emotions and temperaments you wage
a war which you never engaged, yet it is before you.
A friend is yet to be found
and it would be formed and made manifest through the winds of justice
for it seeks to quell the thorns of injustice and let light exist where there
is a trampling of precious seedlings and have watered a thorny mass
where the rose is not allowed to bud but is cut off by the mere sighting of it.
However, the pathway is set upon it you will thread for 
Yet through the sheer exuberance the seething desire to attain the thing
forgotten denied forsaken and forbidden is made known..........
the word the truth the way the one.

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