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MHC(MetaHash) - Blockchain 4.0

on July 22 at 09:31 PM
Blockchain with real speed of more than 50K transactions per second. 9 blockchain in Blocktivity. Not used mining and forging(with no load on the computer). Well suited for those who are constantly sitting at the computer or perhaps in parallel with the mining of another cryptocurrency. 
All operations in Explorer:
Payments every day at 0.00 UTC:
1. standing order. calculated 17,000 shares of all wallets involved in forging
2. it's like a lottery accident. 170000 MHC is a shared pool which is divided between 1000 random wallets.
1st place -77500 MHC
2nd place -19500 MHC
3rd place -9700 MHC
4th place -8500 MHC
5th place -6700 MHC
6-100 -194 MHC
101-1000 38 MHC.
For forging you will need 1000 MHC. Is traded on 4 exchanges: KuCoin, BitForex, Bit-Z, CEX.IO.
CEX.IO that's good, because he made a quick deal. Both in and out. With MHC at all instantly, there is also an input and output via Fiat..
Or rent passing on the referral link: when the rent payments are 10% if you have foraged with your money.
1) Registration, click: Give me 1000MHC
2) download the metagate application and install (mail and password must be the same on the website, then in the program)
3) activate the program on the website to get the key(the Key can be issued not immediately, as the queue is possible)
To receive payment, the program must be enabled at least 4 hours
There is a video instruction:
And most importantly: who will register on exiled: and will take 1 or 2 place, it will get 50% of all my referrals, + I added 1000MHC to the total pool:
Now how much funds and transaction you can check in your wallet: 0x00b6cbd3cb66520080cf6c3326c89ead1ef55edcc585283090
To view this wallet here:
Official page:
Wallet status and nod:
Telegrams-channel english: @metahash_eng
Write me, answer the questions

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