How the Delivery Tracking Apps are Changing the Logistics Industry?

on July 12 at 08:10 AM

Driving global businesses, logistics industry is the bloodline of several modern business organizations. The latest in the technology innovations that steer logistics industry is the Delivery Tracking App.

The survey conducted on the logistics and transportation industry in the US has revealed that the spending in this industry is around 8 percent of the US GDP.

The way of performing business processes has been changing considerably, thanks to innovative technologies that keep invading regularly. Mobility solutions and the conveniently available Internet connectivity have ensured that it is inevitable for almost all types of industries to make use of business-centric mobile apps. There’s little wonder that the novel Delivery Tracking App is gaining momentum among logistics businesses across the world.

How Does the Delivery app Help Logistics Industry?

The modern logistics industry has been evolving, leveraging modern mobile technology for its improvement. Modern logistics companies have started using mobile applications for facilitating monitoring and efficiently managing their business processes and work flow.

Some of the amazing features in the delivery app have been listed below:

1. Real-time job tracking

It is possible to track all items in real-time. Starting with pick up through delivery, the app provides details about the driver’s moves. Logistics business owners and managers will be able to reduce missed delivery count as well as customer complaints by using this app.

2. Automatic dispatching

Delivery personnel and drivers can be assigned automatically based on the availability, direction, distance, and the present load capacity.

3. Smart route management

Planning and optimizing routes can be done in a few seconds, leading to best possible delivery results. This feature helps save delivery time and fuel cost, thus maximizing daily drop count for each driver per day.

4. Driver’s log

Recording the daily activities of delivery personnel in logs enables tracking their every move each day.

5. Shipment tracking

This is useful for tracking shipments and provides detailed information on the carrier and delivery of consignments.

6. Online and Offline functioning

The ability to work with data connectivity and in it absence as well ensures that delivery personnel will not have to stop due to low or no cellular signal. The entire app is capable of being managed without Internet access; this helps employees greatly.

7. Feedback

Delivery personnel’s service and performance can be evaluated through customer feedback in real-time.

8. Electronic signature

Time-stamped signatures can be captured from customers that act as proof of goods being delivered.


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