Historia Cryptocurrency Use Case

on July 09 at 06:25 AM

If this is the first blog post you are reading and do not know what is Historia please start here.

Historia is a through and through a cryptocurrency. Designed to work as a medium of exchange. The 3 main questions are in exchange for what, how can I get it, where can I spend it?

In essence, the Historia coin is needed for 3 things. One to incentivize users to submit current historic events to the system and keep them as accurate as possible. Secondly to reward the “record keepers” for maintaining and keeping the records active for the rest of time. Thirdly for “gatekeepers” for people who will evaluate entries and make the decision if the historical fact should be added to the Historia blockchain.

As for the second question “how can I get Historia coins” the answer is fairly simple. There are 4 ways people will be able to earn Historia coin:

  1. Mining – There are no pre-mined tokens and furthermore, there are no limit to the coins that can be mined. However, the first 100 years will have a little less than over 200 million.

  2. Owning a masternode  – For maintaining and keeping the records active and decentralized.

  3. Reward for submitting historic facts – By submitting and preparing reports on historical events on the Historia blockchain.

  4. Reward for submitting proposals for network and community growth.

And lastly where it can be spent.  There are initially two places were the user can spend them. While other options would be developed in the future.

  1. Either at the exchange or over the counter.

  2. Or by submitting more historical events to the system.

To find out more please read the White Paper and join our discord channel. The world’s first consensus-based historical record storage blockchain

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Historia is a community project. The influence of any one superpower does not endure in Historia. The project is for the greater good of the global community with allegiance to no one except the everlasting truth of how it actually happened. If you would like to be a part Historia discussion, join us on Discord and let us know your thoughts. All spectrum of opinions and facts wanted, come all.

Originally published at on January 27, 2019.

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