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on May 26 at 05:39 PM
Project: Canadian company Word way capital is one of the best projects in the world of investment. A team of international professional traders run by Mr. Mark Wells. By investing in this project, your capital will be used by Forex and Nasdaq's professional traders, and the benefits will be shared with you according to your chosen investment plan. The company's headquarters are in Canada and have offices in Sweden and the United Kingdom, and it is important to note that the head office has been registered on Google Map. The initial formation of the project took place in 2011 and has been operational online since 2018. All contracts and company certificates are located on the project website and can be verified.

Investment Plans: Two Investment Modes

1- Investment with Perfect Money and Pierre

2- Investment plans with bitcoin
By simply understanding, the dollar's investment profit is far more than bitcoin

Investing in the first plan of the dollar during the 16 working days (22 days) will account for 24% of the net profit, which will not be paid in a bank within one year.

Within 3 months your money will be doubled !!!!

The number of investors to date is 86,494

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