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Now or never...

on May 16 at 02:59 AM
Now or never...

Just a whiff, and then it's time.
Just a blink of an eye and it's there.
The certain moment, this particular moment,
The one you've seen coming for a long time.

It strides faster and faster towards you.
You scare back and still know;
You cannot escape him.
He will pass you by and touch you.

You are excited and ask yourself;
Will you just let him pass?
Will you linger with him for a while?
Or will you reject him?

Whatever you decide,
always stay calm and choose with sanity.
Then your choice will be the right one.
And guide you further on bright paths.

Are you now ready for him?
After all, you had a long time...

(written by KiBLS)
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