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on May 09 at 02:15 AM
On Saturday the Seattle Seahawks will take on the Dallas Cowboys in one of the two NFC Wild Card games slated to take place this weekend , and don’t be surprised if quarterback Russell Wilson tucks the ball and runs more than he typically did this season. It was nearly a year ago that the Seahawks cleaned house on their coaching staff, replacing Darrell Bevell, Tom Cable and Kris Richard, while also jettisoning Heath Farwell and Travis Jones, and putting Carl Smith out to pasture. The team then went about systematically gutting the roster, with longtime fan favorites such as Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett and DeShawn Shead being shown the door, while others like Kam Chancellor and Cliff Avril stepped away from the playing field due to injuries. In short, it was a complete overhaul of the team and staff. And that led to the season that Russell Wilson had, where he set career highs in touchdown passes while tying his career low in interceptions. However, where Wilson’s game saw a big drop in the numbers was on the ground. Wilson had the fewest rushing attempts of his career in 2018, as he took to Brian Schottenheimer’s quarterback coaching and did more damage from the pocket with his arm and less with his legs. Here’s a look at how Wilson’s 2018 stacked up with the other seasons of his career in terms of rushing attempts. Russell Wilson rushing attempts by season compared to team rushing attemptsSeasonRussell Wilson rushing attemptsRussell Wilson rushing attempts (excluding kneel downs)Team rushing attemptsSeasonRussell Wilson rushing attemptsRussell Wilson rushing attempts (excluding kneel downs)Team rushing attemptsIt’s easy to see how Wilson’s rushing attempts dropped drastically this year compared to the prior six season, even coming in lower than his injury plagued 2016 season. However, what doesn’t jump right out from those numbers is when Wilson would take off running, and whether there was any sort of pattern to it. So, for that, let’s look at his rushing attempts by game.Russell Wilson rushing attempts by gameOpponentOutcomeAttemptsYardsYard Per CarryOpponentOutcomeAttemptsYardsYard Per CarryNow Womens Shaquem Griffin Jersey , that table includes Wilson’s 16 2018 kneel downs, so let’s strip those out and look at the numbers without those kneels included. Russell Wilson 2018 rushing game log with kneel downs removedOpponentOutcomeAttemptsYardsYard Per CarryOpponentOutcomeAttemptsYardsYard Per CarryAnd those numbers make it pretty evident that Wilson takes off running when the team needs it. When they don’t need him to make plays with his legs, such as against the Carolina Panthers and Green Bay Packers, they don’t ask him to run with the ball. When they need it - against the Los Angeles Rams, Kansas City Chiefs and Minnesota Vikings, Wilson seemed more than happy to do damage on the ground. Thus, with the Seahawks looking for their first road win of the season against a team with a winning record against the Cowboys on Saturday, and with the season over if they are unable to come up with that victory, don’t be surprised if we see Russ score his first rushing touchdown of the 2018 season.K.J. Wright injury: Should Pete Carroll be “ashamed” of waiting to report news? Seattle Seahawks linebacker K.J. Wright is having his knee scoped this week, as was reported earlier on Monday. The surgery has the Pro Bowl outside linebacker out indefinitely — meaning he could miss a week and be ready for the Denver Broncos in the season opener, or he could be out much longer if the news turns out to be quite bad. We should know more soon, but head coach Pete Carroll was certainly aware of some goings on after the Minnesota Vikings game on Friday, so should he have notified the public earlier? Our own John Fraley certainly thinks so.I’m not sure if I agree with John, if only because I’m not sure what Carroll or the team knew after the game and if they thought it was going to turn out to be a bigger problem that required a scope. I also don’t know if strategically it’s smarter for teams to keep these things quiet until absolutely necessary. I’m also not even sure if it’s doing a favor to Wright — a free agent in 2019 — to try and keep any injury a secret until it turns to the point where they can no longer try and hide that he’s missing practices and possibly a game; I’m sure Wright doesn’t want teams to think he’s got knee issues now. The Seahawks know first hand that there can heavy penalties for keeping injuries a secret, and eventually it had to be said.But should it have been said earlier? I leave it up to you to discuss and vote.

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