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on April 24 at 12:29 AM
5 of the Most Notorious Videos to Ever
go Viral on Youtube
YouTube is starting to become the soap operas of the 2010’s. It used to be hobby shows by
wayward enthusiastic youth with of various hobbies, aspiring rock stars, and Apple Product tips.
Today it has become our go to site for most of our entertainment needs. You can watch full
music videos and any other type of footage you want to see, it is on there.
Becoming a Star No Matter How You Get There
Youtube has become a forum for trolls to comment on the videos that they feel they could
produce much better. You can see dangerous videos on Youtube of people performing stunts
that are not the brightest decision, but the Youtuber is dying to get the maximum subscribers
they need to monetize their platform and start making some real cash. To go viral, you don’t
even have to be good at anything. You just need something catchy. Even if your video is in the
dislikes list, it may become internet famous. Depending on your sense of humor, some of
these may be considered Youtube funny videos. We may have a new viral video that comes
out daily, but our list of stars are internet infamous. We will share a few of our favorites over the
1. Is She the Worst Singer?
As stated above, becoming one of the most viral may involve acts that could make you the
most disliked video on YouTube. In 2011, Rebecca Black did just that with her Viral sensation
“Friday”. It became the most watched video of 2011. It became so famous because it was a
lackluster song but people were too intrigued a “bad” song. This in turn got it massive amounts
of views.
.2. Most Hated Game Trailer
The Call of Duty Infinite Warfare trailer turned people off to the game big time in
2016. The amount of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare dislikes was astonishing. It had 3.73
million dislikes. 86 percent of viewers of the game trailer rated it down. Regardless of
it being of lackluster quality, it still sold 1.8 million copies in the United Kingdom. I
guess they didn’t see the trailer?
3. Most hated Music Video.
The current most disliked Music Video on YouTube was made by Youtuber, Jake
Paul, Published on 30 May 2017. Jake Paul is the younger brother of famous Youtuber
Logan Paul. His music video "Its Everyday bro!" is a Rap song sung by him and his
team members(Team 10). It stays the most disliked song on YouTube for its senseless
and narcissist lyrics. Also, infamous for a line in song "England is my City" which was
criticized by many. It is also tagged as the most cringe worthy video on YouTube.
4. Most Shocking Most Hated Video.
Justin Bieber usually smashes a hit right out of the park with his Grammy winning
lyrics. Unfortunately, this was not the case in 2010 when he came out with his single
“Baby” from his album, My world 2.0. Justin Bieber Youtube expected success. This
technically was one but not in the way you would think, or want as an artist. This
video although it was played on the radio constantly, was considered a Youtube
tragedy. Well in the business, don’t they say any attention is better than no attention?
This video got over 9 million dislikes.
5. Fourth Most Disliked Video on the Platform.
The most disliked video made on Youtube of a content creator remains to be of
Youtuber Pewdiepie. He also has the highest number of subscribers on the platform.
Published on 24 Dec 2016. It is one of the most disliked video from a content creator
and the fourth most disliked video on the platform for only one apparent reason,
Pewdiepie requested his fans to dislike that video as a joke, which resulted in the
video getting 3.4m Dislikes and counting till date. It sometimes seems the video
doesn’t need to be crummy to get dislikes. Ask your millions of friends to do you a

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