YouTubers who been arrested by me

on April 24 at 12:25 AM
Youtube Stars who are used to Police
So many people are addicted to Youtube videos and sometimes consider, how did they get
away with that? Youtube is a mayhem of illicit activities both on screen and in its stars
personal lives. There have been huge pranks that have dominated the video streaming
channel. YouTube stars who got arrested recently has been on the internet forums and
comment boards with some most disturbing YouTube stars doing things you can’t
imagine. We aren't talking about two kids in a park and get a marijuana ticket. No w have
some felonies and they are shocking to hear the gritty details. Some1 of the crimes are just
plain awful.
! What the Heck Did Austin Jones do Again?
Austin Jones arrested was all over the internet this past month for him allegedly being
arrested on child porn charges. He was arrested at the age of 24 and is huge in the
young population scene. He got caught sending text messages to two girls,14 years old
on Facebook Trying to get them to send him videos of sexual acts. This is not Jones
first allegation. He had to deal with allegations back in May of 2015.
2. Tana Mangeau
This is funny because it just sounds like a lie by a nervous girl. Although not arrested for
this, the situation it is worth mentioning that she was going to book a 1000 person venue
and sell 5000 tickets and make it impossible for the event to actually come to fruition. She
has not refunded the money yet to her fans who paid $65 a piece. Many people are calling it
Tanascam and are angry. What she has been actually arrested for is being at Coachella and
holding an alcoholic drink. She was only 19 at the time so it was illegal. Somehow for police
officer saw her and she told them she didn’t touch it, but would have if they didn’t catch her
in time.
3. Jake Paul
You would think it would be common sense, but not to Youtube star Jake Paul. He was
arrested for playing with his drone in the area close to the Roman Colosseum. It wasn’t
exactly a successful flight. Many drone enthusiasts can tell you about hundreds of
crashes before upgrading. He was creating Youtube videos in Italy and the drone
started to go nuts and crashed by the monument. He was hauled off to the station for
questioning without his brother. They let him go a few hours later.
4. Juwany Roman
This guy doesn’t believe in first time being the charm. He is more of a try doing the exact
same thing over and over again and expect a different result type of guy. He had already
been arrested back in 2016 to arrange a fan club meet up. Maybe third time's a charm?
Juwany got arrested in 2016 for having a public mall meet-up with fans, but that didn't
stop him from doing the same thing all over again this year. He has his phone out the
whole time to get the reactions of police and fans that showed up. He sent out a tweet
when he was released.
5. RossCreatis
This Youtuber videos himself committing the crime of stealing different road signs. It is
a major offense because someone could end up dead. He warned his fans that what he
was about to ask may offend them. He asked his Youtube Fans to help pay off his fines. Wow

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