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Twice a year, Pantone Color Institute experts determine the color trends of the upcoming season, on which most designer collections are built. Color on the catwalk is the main indicator of fashionable color trends that will be used in all areas of design. Therefore, Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report is the main guide to the main color trends of the season, which all designers, stylists and colorists should study.

Traditionally, the palette from Pantone is represented by trendy bright colors and calm basic ones. In the spring-summer 2019 season, the fashionable palette of New York practically coincides with the fashionable palette of London. All shades are designed to inspire confidence, energize and give vitality. They are not divided into male and female, personifying gender independence. In addition, experts emphasize that the spring-summer palette is a symbiosis between lederhosen women fashion and street style.

“In response to the unceremonious onslaught of technology and social media on our daily lives, we tried to find something genuine and personal that would help strengthen ties in society,” said Litris Aisman, executive director of Pantone Color Institute.

Bright, expressive tones of the spring-summer 2019 palette lead us along the path of unexpected creative combinations, helping to bring fantasy and creativity to life. And softer shades counterbalance the expression of the yellow-red range, which, by the way, makes up the majority of the fashionable palette.

“From a psychological point of view, if we recall the true meanings of a particular color, then all the bright shades in the red family are associated with power. Strength is the very word that can describe the whole essence of the upcoming spring-summer collections. These are confident, uplifting, joyful shades, and the main thing that unites them is strength, ”says Litris Aisman.


Opens a fashionable palette optimistic shade Living Coral (Live Coral). Warm and soft red-orange with golden notes. Compared to classic coral, this shade is more delicate and discreet. Just as a coral reef is a source of food and a refuge for marine life, the shade of Living Coral envelops us with its warmth and softness, gives a feeling of comfort and coziness that helps keep afloat in such a changeable world.

Living Coral is also associated with tropics, exotic flowers and fruit cocktails. It will look great on summer clothes in combination with tanned skin. Dresses, tops and swimsuits in this shade will be a good investment in summer wardrobe. Do not forget about shoes, bags and accessories, which can be the most interesting accent in the image.

Live Coral is good both in monochrome images and in combination with hints of the fashionable spring-summer 2019 palette, such as Pepper Stem, Princess Blue, Terrarium Moss and Eclipse.

The shade is suitable for spring and autumn tsvetotipu, it may look good on a dark winter as the color of a swimsuit.

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