Firewall as a Service

on March 19 at 12:24 PM

12 Reasons to Choose Firewall as a Service for your Business

Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) is a technology that offers firewall and other network security as a cloud service. Why do organizations need FWaaS? The migration to cloud-based platforms and the rise of mobile devices have led to a lack of a clear perimeter in networks, where users and applications can be safeguarded against cyber threats. Additionally, according to research, 59 percent of businesses stated that handling and monitoring of security incidents have become a great concern. All these challenges are resolved by FWaaS. Here are twelve reasons to choose FWaaS for your business.

1. Better Disaster Recovery

A majority of firms are highly reliant on continuity and uptime to maintain a competitive edge in the current marketplace. Uptime is also critical to customer satisfaction and retention. With security threats emerging on a daily basis, a breach of the security network could indicate a disaster that results in high costs regarding reputation and resources. When you utilize managed firewall service, you obtain experts in IT security who are proactive in the detection of new threats and their mitigation. Also, the risk of network security threats as a result of firewall misconfiguration is minimized, and in case of a failure, there is quick recovery as well. According to research, over 95 percent of firewall breaches in 2018 were as a result of misconfigurations as opposed to flaws in the firewalls.

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