New exchange platform (Pre-launch)

on March 15 at 02:53 PM
Let me share a cool fact with you: The value of bitcoins had multiplied 879,999 times over, between 2010 and 2017! As the crypto community gets excited with the launch of new coins, (especially Altexch- AEX).....its always fun to revisit the Bitcoin profit stories, the people who were at the right place at the right time! Kristoffer Koch- who bought 5000 Bitcoins worth about $26.6 & forgot about it! It was in April 2013 when there was a widespread media coverage of this 'strange currency', that Kristoffer remembered that he too owns some bitcoins....and to his surprise, they were worth $886,000 Erik Finman- a 15 year old kid. On Easter, his grandmother gifted him $1000. Erik bought bitcoins of all the money he had received. Surprisingly, a year later his money was worth $100,000 and he sold all his bitcoins. His successful experience motivated him to open his own company. And he pays all his employees in bitcoins. 26 year old Olaf-Carlson Wee- got hired in a Bitcoin startup named Coinbase in February 2013. At that time, 1 bitcoin was worth $20-$30. He decided to get paid in bitcoins only. At that time, hardly anyone had heard of bitcoins and so he decided to collect lots and, he's a millionaire... Look, out of all the people who made a fortune with bitcoins, ...some were just lucky some were strategic ....some were far-sighted but you know what, ALL OF THEM TOOK ACTION! that's the common denominator of successful people, they take action! so, if taking action and getting RICH is your "thing" as well, you might want to stock up on some AEX tokens before it becomes too late and price multiplies many times over.. So take action now! Turn $0.10 Cents Into Big Cash AEX Expected To Go Higher! Highlights: Margin Trading, Binary Trading, Signal Trading, Buy Back Of AEX Coins! Accessible by iOS, Android, Windows and Mac platforms, Trading market with AEX, BTC, USDT, ETH! Dont Have Money To Trade? AltExch Lends You Money To Buy and Sell Crypto Currency!

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