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on March 06 at 06:53 AM

The Drife platform presented as transport solution centralized presents the Drife platform, a decentralized ecosystem transport, driven by blockchain. Responsible team describes it as "intended to empower the ecosystem value creators ". Obviously in the emerging sector of private transport services , these creators are: the drivers travelers / passengers and developers community. Drife plans to disrupt the existing business model and eliminate the intermediaries involved in corporate transactions. Private transport platforms have created a new paradigm for the industry sector. Compete for leading the sector after its release will be a challenge to observe. Uber is an example of giant to compete against. 

Unlike the taxi industry, the type of customer (us) has changed. The current obsolete model of taxis has been a hot topic in Spain (still unresolved conflict) and many other areas. Basic needs can not be changed; however our specific needs itself. Technology has created new markets, new needs and therefore new niches. However, in this comparative framework systems traditional taxis have hardly changed their mode of operation ; while the viable alternatives have varied little model so insufficient. Giving priority to the centralization of service and profitability . Drife joins a series of articles devoted to solving this new global scenario launches.


Drife advantages of the platform to the current model

Taxi companies regulated by states or transport authorities have evolved little way. This has hindered things, poor adaptation of the business model towards all parties is clear. This leads to various problems, minimized revenue gains under pressure, drivers suffering from strict labor policies ... all added to slow and costly bureaucracy to check. Thus we find several points that perpetuate review.

And generally as an error, it is usually taken for granted that a few pay problem. However, the problem is socialized and solutions fail; so the snowball grows and the clock is ticking. Slovenliness can carry and leads to: exploitative labor situations, precarity in wages and accelerated impoverishment of service. And back again.

Interrupt this negative cycle in a loop is not easy and requires large infrastructure. Drife has focused all its efforts to reverse the trend; to create a global service capable of generating a disruptive scenario. That's the advantage of technology Blockchain if applied as it should, decentralize power and responsibility; without losing confidence.


The proposed platform by model Drife

In the initial stage one of the incentives introduced play an important role. Today, in many real-world scenarios drivers see it as direct competition to their own peers. This breaks collaborative community relations disempowering its members as the final result. Drivers in Drife receive incentives for introducing other drivers on the platform; encouraging the growth of the service.

At the same time, it generates synergies collaborative community among drivers, part essential for value creation and consensus. This facilitates decentralized empowerment of these, distributing a scaled service. Since payment service p2p, the intermediary and eliminates unnecessary commissions; again, on behalf of all parties involved caring for its stability and value creation.

This results naturally in improved service, including social benefits. best insurance associated with vehicles is a case of social benefit (for all parties), and is only possible in a scenario where the driver can afford it. Empower the driver, again, results in better service and better legal coverage for the parties.


The importance of the roles and protection

As is well outlined in the White Paper, road transport is essentially a cloud-based business. Unlike traditional industry taxi, the success of these platforms depends largely on user experiences (UX) design and user interface (UI). Two individual elements support each other greatly.

Drivers and passengers are two essential parts without which it would be pointless business model. However everything works thanks to the great work of developers; This completes the circle. In a consolidated digital revolution, developers are vital for everything that happens "behind the scenes" materialized without influencing the final consciously experience for the user. Everything must work but not everyone knows why.


The importance of developers in the new digital era

Developers, on the Drife platform have the potential to create useful facilities within the application. This serves to optimize the ecosystem; and therefore also improve driving experiences when required. Developers can also detect and correct errors, unfortunately, the side of the equation developers often overlooked.

In a case in which the displacement application development / transport is outsourced, it is easy for developers decide not to meddle; Sometimes after fulfilling the terms and delivered the output ratio cut imminently. Generally the fact is simply due to lack of motivation.

The model of this project, provides an inclusive, dignified and relevant developer role. This detail can be a big plus by Drife; provide an inclusive model for all parties based on long-term vision.


The IEO token is available with four bonus periods

In the case of IEO token acquisition stages for early investors four. Having completed the first phase of the four stipulated (private sale), the IEO token can currently purchase . At this moment it is in its second stage (pre).


The base value set without bonds is $ 0.25. Those interested in participating, get a 20% bonus (IEO token price for this bond, $ 0.20 / token for the remaining period of phase 2 ; which ends in early March, giving way to the next phase (Sale 1) March 10th. During the sale 1 (third phase) the bonus period is reduced by 5 percentage points. The mode of this sale is subject to 1 + 15% bonus fixed base price . Finally, the last bonus period begins on April 10; during the last period (sell 2) the acquisition of tokens will be subsidized with 10% bonus .


To learn aspects of the project in much more detail, we invite you to review the public documents on the Drife project . You can find more extensive information, such as the distribution of the funds raised in the white paper (Whitepaper) . Related market studies and all kinds of details on its website.



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