US Gamblers Circumventing Betting Laws Thanks To Bitcoin

on January 26 at 09:01 AM

Bitcoin Gambling USA

US gamblers are using decentralization in casinos to gamble despite the stringent laws prohibiting gambling in most states. The introduction of crypto tech in the gambling industry has made many players gain access to online casino games they are happy to wager. With the anonymity Bitcoin transaction gives them, US punters can gamble and make a killing on these sites without getting caught and prosecuted.

The federal and state governments continue losing billions for sticking to ancient laws that prohibit gambling in all but three states. The amount of tax revenue lost has created a lucrative gambling black market that helps foreign-based casinos operating online mint millions of dollars monthly. It also means that US gamblers can not play at the top rated bitcoin casino such as and use their latest crypto wild no deposit bonus code 2019 unless they go through a proxy to change their ip along with risk not having any legal rights.

Given the slow economic times, many states are looking into how they can lift gambling bans and pass regulations to share in some of the lost revenue. It’s predicted that in five odd years, online casinos and sports betting activities will only be subject to regulations, thus opening up new frontiers for federal and state governments to earn the lost billions.

Cryptocurrency Gambling Payments

To attract US gamblers to play, a lot of gambling websites allow Bitcoin trading. Players can make deposits and withdrawals anonymously through this tech. Increasingly, US players are using Bitcoin transactions to play bonus games that have mouthwatering jackpot incentives. Despite the volatility risk element brought about by Bitcoin use, the advantages override the risks. Gamblers flock these crypto powered sites for fast transactions, zero charges, and tax-free winnings!

Decentralized Gambling Platforms

In slightly over a year, decentralized gambling platforms have evolved tremendously. US-based players can visit sites and place their bets safely and securely. These sites operate blockchain tech providing punters with provably fair platforms. Moreover; players can play anonymously without having to register to place bets. Some sites such as started by developing gaming platforms for any player around the world gain access without restriction. With its success, the developer changed it to a decentralized betting platform and created its cryptocurrency.

Blockchain tech and smart contracts were added to the fray making it easy, safe, and anonymous to place bets and withdraw profits. The platform keeps growing, and its business model makes it provide a zero house edge platform. The developer rakes in handsome profits through its crypto coin that keeps getting valuable by the day!

The US government will have to change its strict laws against gambling. Decentralized platforms are encouraging gamblers to engage in provably fair games. Safe and secure blockchain tech payment gateways are revolutionizing this industry, and soon, the government will need to change and start minting billions in revenue and tax collection.


Decentralized crypto platforms are encouraging a sizeable chunk of the American people to try their luck by betting online. The high odds and secure anonymous payouts are the reason why most traditional run casinos will soon close shop if they fail to change their ways.

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