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Fraction reserve banking system

on January 11 at 08:24 PM
.Things most people dont know
When  banks borrow $100 from federal Reserve  it then loans $1000 to public. So where does the $900 comes from.... 
That $900 is money from thin air 
If today all the bank account holders go to teller to collect their cash paper money at once the bank won't have enough to give everyone and will have high chances of shutting down.
Banks creates money from loan. That 900 percent money doesn't exist as its just digital numbers. Hence why we use more plastic cards then paper cash.
That debt will keep on pilling and then before you know it the bubble will burst.  High inflation with higher interest rate will crash all the fiat system.
The debt system is created deliberately rather then coincidence. 
Country is not run by the government but the bankers.

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