Ethereum is a deeply discounted value play- An Analysis for 2019

on December 17 at 08:59 PM
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Ethereum is in deep value territory and looks to be a great buy heading into 2019.  Off over 90% of its all time high around $1,100 and facing negative press, it is a value play supported on all the major cryptocurrency exchanges, granting sufficient liquidity.  Ethereum’s ERC20 tokens and smart contracts are widely used, and an excellent upcoming project is BNDES, a Brazilian bank stablecoin experiment.  Smart contracts, ERC20 tokens, ICO payments and the point of stake Casper Protocol all make Ethereum a must buy below $100.
  • Amazingly, Ethereum is priced at $86, offering investors a historically low price point to begin a positon.  Ethereum is created to replace the current internet, and offers the buyer the potential profits inherent of a proof of stake project when the Casper protocol takes off.  At a time when ICOs are selling their Ethereum to ensure they have the capital they need, you can pick up the resultant bargain Ethereum on the market now.  Coins like Tron and EOS have ecosystems including contracts and utility tokens that threaten Ethereum’s dominance, adding additional downward pressure to the coin.  Now is the time to act on this deep discount.

    Ethereum looks like it could turn bullish above $90, and as of this publication, it is in an uptrend pattern.  Looking at the charts, we have breached a key resistance level of $90 and are following the overnight uptrend of Bitcoin.  Bitcoin still drives the market at >50% dominance and its overnight move of 7% above $3,400 has buoyed the cryptocurrency market.  Now is the time to ride the momentum and sell around $100 to solidify capital as the market cools.

    This is season when cryptocurrency typically sells off.  It is important to remember that this annual trend typically leads to a bull market around Q2.  Expect an uptick in this market around March or April.  The pronounced bear market of 2018 could give way to a substantial backed up bull market in Q2 of 2019.  Now is a great time to begin a position in Ethereum or average down your current position. 


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