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on December 17 at 11:01 AM

The digital asset investment fund Global Money Management (GMM club) is thinking about its expansion and growth around the world. For this, it is structuring and developing a new operating system that will soon offer the majority of its customers.

The idea is to provide the opportunity for its users to advance financially and for that, the plan is to manage a system of growth ranges with the creation of networks.

In this way, users will have the option to increase their monthly profitability, according to active clients that are in their own network. They will also be rewarded with a commission payment system for the levels they can develop in their network. With this, the company aims to be increasingly profitable and sustainable, generating confidence and quality.

GMM Club is a leading trading platform in operations worldwide. Currently, it offers the public the possibility to negotiate with the main cryptoactives on the market , including bitcoin (BTC) , bitcoin cash (BTH), ether (ETH), ethereum classic (ETC) and litecoin (LTC).

These are transactions that can be carried out by experts in trading and exchange of cryptoactives, such as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, in addition to making investments such as margin (margin accounts) and funding (financing), among other services.

GMM Club is part of the Eyeline Group's holding company and offers services to the crypto-market on a platform that, with only two years of operation, already adds users from 29 countries. It is a significant number of people who contribute significant volumes of transactions, thanks to their investments in the cryptoactive market.

In Mexico alone, 230,000 users have been incorporated into the company's business model . The company has recently expanded to the United States and expects to serve more users around the world in the future.

The company insures the investments of the users with risk management and anti-fraud technology, in addition to complying with anti-money laundering AML) regulations and Know Your Customer (KYC) policies.

The objective is for the public to have at hand a trading platform with independent operators with a high ranking in the digital asset market, which at the same time complies with the highest standards of cybersecurity and regulations in the United States and the world.

In that sense, its main interest in satisfying the expectations of its users, as it ensures on its website:


With the customer's experience and the satisfaction of needs as our priority, our goal is to be the best investment broker in the digital assets market (...) We have expert operators in the field of trading and finance, as well as experts in the development of software and information technology

Global Money Management


In addition to Global Money Management, the Eyeline Group also offers its clients the possibility of using its Eyewallet cryptocurrency portfolio , a product with a high level of acceptance in Latin American countries, such as Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador and Chile, as well as in the United States. United.

To know more about GMM club, you can visit the following links:

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