on November 12 at 02:35 PM
  • just for educative (and FUN) purposes, lets look at a few 

    biggest ICO scams, Ponzi Schemes, Crypto Thefts & Hacks

    so far...


    OneCoin- The company advertised to investors, but there 

    was not any actual company to invest in. 


    There has been a lot of negative attention for this platform, 

    and its servers have since been seized. 


    However, in an almost ironic post, the company highlights 

    the importance of integrity and transparency, though they 

    are definitely acting as hypocrites.


    The Smominru Miner- This platform was developed by a 

    hacker that used a program called EternalBlue that distributed 

    malware to over half a million computers. 


    The goal was to mine Monero tokens, and no one was the 

    wiser until they saw their computers working at full capacity 

    or their electricity bill shot up. 


    There was not really any advertising or hype over this effort, 

    but the hackers managed to get away with $3 million in mined 



    Pincoin- Pincoin’s deceit is still so fresh in the industry that 

    investors from the ICO are still in uproar. 


    First, there was an ICO that brought in $660 million with 

    about 32,000 investors.


    once the tokens were issued, they took their fiat profit and left 

    behind their empty office, a slow and unhelpful website, 

    and a lengthy whitepaper.


    Centratech- was in the news only months ago for 

    their association with DJ Khaled and Floyd Mayweather,

    an obvious attempt to bring attention to itself from investors.


    Though their ideas seemed helpful, nothing came of the ICO. 

    Instead, once the company had managed to raise $32 million 

    during their ICO sale...


    ...the founders were put behind bars by the SEC, who unveiled 

    the “extreme lengths” that they went through to hide the truth 

    from investors.

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