Universal Basic Income on the blockchain

on September 16 at 01:54 AM
Hello Spherians :-)
I am a dreamer and I believe in a fair economic system. The UBI approach may be the way :-) Ideally basic income should reduce poverty and help decrease the wage gap between the rich and the poor improving the quality of society. Actually some countries such as Switzerland are testing UBI with a small group of person and may become reality in a couple of years.
In this article I will cover 2 platforms running on the blockchain that offer Universal Basic income for everyone: Mannabase and SwiftDemand.


Manna is distributed by the People’s Currency Foundation as a basic human right that every person in the world is eligible to receive, for free. Founded in 2015, Manna has achieved milestones in the cryptocurrency movement, as the first blockchain-based currency to be created and distributed by a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, and the first digital currency to implement a Universal Basic Income as its primary method of distribution.
To get your UBI, simply register on the Mannabase platform and get MANNA tokens on a regular basic. Here is the website for more information and registration:


Swift Demand is an attempt at basic income. Each user who is signed up for the service receives 100 swifts each day. No additional swifts can be created with time or resources. No user can gain any other advantage when it comes to acquiring swifts.
If you go for SwiftDemad you must claim your swift regularly, not each day but once a week or once a month. Actively requiring users to claim swifts lets Swift Demand ensure the user is both alive and wishes to obtain their daily allowance. It also requires users to be actively engaged with Swift Demand and encourages them to use their income regularly.
The Swift platform also have a market place wher you can use your SWIFT token to buy things, so the platform it already usable :-) Here is the website for more information and registration:

More information

For more information about universal basic income you can check Wikipedia page:

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