Different Types Of Online Slots That Use The Blockchain

on August 19 at 09:27 AM

Online Blockchain Slots

The casino games that is experience the most growth in 2018 is Bitcoin slots and now they are becoming as popular as real money machines. The development is going through a revolution so now there are not just BTC slot casinos but also a wide range of cryptoslots, blockchain, and smart contract versions that all present advantages over traditional online games. To be able to increase your winning chances you must first fully understand each type so that you can choose the one that will provide you the best chance to win a life-changing jackpot in cryptocurrency.

RNG Slots That Accept Bitcoin Payments

The most common type of slot machines found online is powered by random number generator software which ensures that odds and house edge are met. This software does not allow for independent checks by anyone who wishes so it is possible for operators to rig it so that it benefits themselves greatly. The top operators have RNG software audited with certificates displayed on their site which is the highest level of transparency available for this business model.

Bitcoin And Blockchain Slot Machines

Bitcoin slots that use blockchain and RNG technology together are able to take transparency to new levels. This is due to all transactions going through the blockchain and displayed on a public ledger that anyone can check. This is called provably fair as all aspects including the code running the slot machines can be checked at any point. Due to this fact it is why they have become so popular due to punters for the first time been able to gamble knowing that everything is transparent and fair.

Smart Contract Slots

The Ethereum network provides new tools available so that it is possible for processes to be autonomously carried out by code protocol. These are still in early developments but the signs are that they will eventually become the number one choice. With 100% transparency, provably fair games, lightning fast speed along with rewards for holding an operators crypto, a new era of gambling has arrived.

Bitcoin Slot Faucets

If you just enjoying playing slots for fun without having to risk money gambling, Bitcoin slot faucets are a perfect choice. They work by paying out a tiny amount of mBTC to players as a reward for completing a time restricted faucet capture including their BTC wallet address. This can be used as gambling collateral with no deposit requirements and players are free to withdraw if they get to the wagering amount set by the operator.

Bitcoin Casino Free Spins Bonuses

If you do fancy trying out the different versions of slot machines that run on the blockchain make sure to look out for bitcoin casino free spins bonus codes. These rewards are generally paid out when you register at a new BTC gambling platform and can generate big rewards with no deposit requirements.


It is exciting times been a gambler with blockchain technology offering transparency and provably fair gaming. It means there has never been a better chance to be a winning when gambling at casinos and now with zero house edges on the way, those who are skilled can make fortunes in crypto.

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