Earn from your data, the Wonderful World of WowApp!

on March 05 at 04:58 AM

If you have a smartphone or other digital device then chances are you have a variety of applications on them that you use daily for communication. cool


These may include:

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • Facebook Messenger 
  • IMO
  • Tango
  • Whatsapp


Now, these applications are very useful and convenient as they have stood the test of time by being very popular the world over, easily accessible, easy to use and generally reliable. However, do these apps actually reward you for using them? That’s another question.


The answer is frankly no. Over and over I have heard the expression “Be careful, when something is being offered for FREE because YOU are most likely the PRODUCT” money-mouth 


This is true because we all know these applications gather usage data about us which is then used by big data and other organizations to sell us goods and products and who knows what else they do with the information they gather. 


As the end user you often do not benefit from the proceeds of your own data or even have a say in how your data is used by the application managers. Now is the time that is all about to change. cool


Introducing WowApp! This neat little application allows you to earn real money for participating on their platform. Passing on the benefits of social media and networking directly to you and your network of friends who chose to use this app for fun, communication and doing to good to people in need worldwide. smile


WowApp allows you to earn money in several ways these include:


  • Instant Earn- Instantly earn WowCoins by performing fun and interesting activities such as watching a video, taking a survey, installing an app and much more.


  • Shop Online- Tap on Go Shop! button in Earnings tab of our WowApp mobile app or sign into your account from your Computer and start shopping! You will earn back part of the amount you paid for your purchase.


  • Games- Choose your favorite category: action, tower defense, sports and many more. Simply enjoy playing the games of your choice and earn real money at the same time! 


  • Talk- Purchase WowApp Credit directly from the website at Call your friends, family or business partners anywhere in the world at the lowest rates. Every time you or anyone in your network ends a paid call.


  • Smart Slide- Unlock your phone and immediately see unread messages. It works with your native apps, be it music, security passcodes, audiobooks etc. smart Slide is optimized for minimum consumption of battery and data. However, Smart Slide is not available for Apple mobile devices but you can still earn a part of this revenue if the Android members in your network have enabled it. 


  • Smart Web- Smart Web is a browser extension available on your COMPUTER with Chrome or Firefox browsers. Install Smart Web on your browser and surf the Internet. Smart Shopper lets you know when you can receive cashback for your online shopping. Every time you or anyone in your network uses Smart Web, you earn WowCoins.



  • App and Web use- By simply chatting, making free calls and much more, you do good in the world. In addition to earnings generated using of the app, you also receive WowCoins every time your network uses WowApp.


  • Doing Good- A percentage of your daily earnings is automatically distributed to your supported charities. Choose up to 5 charities close to your heart and support them by using WowApp every day. In addition to the automatically donated amounts, you can donate up to 100% of your own earnings to make an even bigger difference in your world!


This last feature to me is particularly interesting as I have never seen a social media app that has a charity feature built right in. This especially is quite a forward thinking feature that other major apps should consider if they themselves don’t already contribute to charitable organizations. 


Now when it comes to payment WowApp has a variety of cash out options as well. You can chose from:


  • Credit cards
  • PayPal 
  • Bank Account Deposit
  • Mobile credit
  • WowCredit
  • Charity


All these options except the Charity option requires a transaction fee of one (1) WowCoin. One WowCoin is equivalent to 1¢ USD and a minimum of 10 WowCoins is required to do a withdrawal. WowCoins also remain on hold for 60 days before you can make a withdrawal from your account. money-mouth 


Of course it is unlikely you will get rich overnight from using this app friends but it is quite interesting and unique amount the communication options available today so it’s worth giving a try and sharing with all good hearted people you know. 


If you found this post informative go ahead and download WowApp and start earning and donating today! Peace and love to all! innocent



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