Serenity Rhythmical Raindrops Sound

on February 25 at 10:41 AM

Wednesday, February 15, 2017. Almost midnight.

I had to take shelter at the bus stop because of the rainfall along the Manek Ro Street. It's been a week of rain, almost every day even though it was drizzling. That night was no exception, I'm not surprise if it fall again and nothing to regret I was out already.

Why strolling night out? After struggling all day behind the desk and computer screen with the same busy routine day after day, coming home late and go back early in the morning. I try to enjoy what is around me as much as possible. Even though there's not much to do in this city. But if the opportunity comes, I want to slow down the time, close all the senses and open them slowly. Feel cold winds start shivering, rain drop splashed on my forehead, and enjoying the serenity rhythmical raindrops sound.

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