TERNIO is a blockchain for digital advertising

on February 25 at 08:04 AM
Is TERNIO real project? Is TERNIO has real team? Is TERNIO AIRDROP legit? 
The answer is absolutely yes... How did I know it?
1. I have register and joined their telegram group.
2. I have read TERNIO whitepaper
3. In telegram group, all members can make a communication with the CEO and the other team.
4. I have got 10k TERNIO token in the AIRDROP.
Do you still have a chance to win the AIRDROP?  
Yes, the airdrop valid until 2 April 2018
How we can participate in the AIRDROP?
FOLLOW the RULES below:
1- Register here:
2- Check your email and confirm. This will take you to your dashboard 
3- in your dashboard, you’ll find your public code and confirmation code showing ?????????
4- click on one of the social media icons and share. Your confirmation code will then be revealed
5- join our Telegram channel
6- at random times, lists of public codes will be pinned here
7- IF AND ONLY IF your public code matches with one of those on the list, post here your 2 codes within the hour in this format PUBLIC CODE :: CONFIRMATION CODE 
8- You will be requested to send a short video verification talking about Ternio and to send it to Daniel Gouldman. 
9- He’ll verify and if all good, you’ll get your 5000 tokens deposited in your dashboard 
Ternio is giving the chance to everyone to win a maximum of 3 times.
TERN tokens will be displayed in your dashboard until the April 02 2018 when ICO starts. From that date, your tokens will become available to transfer into your wallet. Instructions will be provided on this day. KYC procedure will be required to prevent fraud
Note: only one account per person! Breaching will lead you to lose your tokens
Ternio is a blockchain based utility token built to transform and ultimately disrupt the $224 billion per year digital advertising market.
Ternio is aimining to revolutionise advertising by offering net0 daily payments to publishers. Usually publishers get paid 30-90 days later and not even guaranteed. By using XLM and Hyperledger together, Ternio has the ability to process the transactions per second required to serve advertisements. 
Ternio also aims to eliminate advertising fraud through transparent use of blockchain, working on the fastest blockchain. 
In that combination, Ternio is ahead of the game.
Pre-sale: on-going. $2,500 minimum. Token currently at $0.08
ICO: starts April 02 2018. $25 minimum. Token at $0.10
Hardcap: 40 million
Public Token amount: 490MM
Total amount: 1 billion
Partnerships are being lined up.
Exchange listings.
- no bad mouthing nor name calling
- If you get a warning, respect it
- Act like a gentleman/lady 
- posting external links will get you banned
- No bot allowed
1. You have a chance win 3 times.
2. If you win in 1 times you will get 5000 TERNIO TOKEN
3. 1 TERNIO = $0.1
Nothing to lose to participate in this AIRDROP. You will never know your chance, your lucky if you do not try it. If you don't lucky, TERNIO is a good project, real project, real team and this is very good to invest. Me, my self will invest in this project.
Try your lucky in the TERNIO AIRDROP, REGISTER HERE:

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