on February 24 at 09:12 AM
My name is Zaman Huri and I am from Indonesia and live in Aceh. Aceh is one of the strongest provinces on religion and culture, which earned a privileged degree from the state of Indonesia. because I really like the environment where I live. You will see that my english is not very good but i will give my best. I just got to know sphere via the internet and I think here at Sphere will be a great opportunity to shape me to improve my English. Age I am 36 years dealing with all sorts of things that concern me. That's why I'm here in Sphere. 

When I read about Sphere on the internet and friend sphere then I am interested to try it, why not, yes we should try something new. I really like sports especially football, my favorite club Barcelona FC thank you for visiting my Sphere, do not forget to follow me


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