Tale of the Beer Tycoon

on December 13 at 05:46 PM
Here is a super short story I wrote and would like to share as my introduction to this new space.

Once there was a brewer named Dave who created a brew.
It was a beer to itself. Nothing compared as he knew.
It was strong, hoppy, malty, and sweet.
It paired well with anything you wanted to eat.

Dave determined it was his favorite beer, convinced it was better than any.
So he set off to build a small business. He invested everything for the taste buds of the many.
Over time, Dave discovered he had more than a talent for craft.
He had business savvy to spare as his large competitors laughed.
Investors offered him a fortune to buy him out, but Dave said , "No thank you.
I do not really know how my beer fares in your view.
The joy of the craft is that this beer stands alone.
I will build my own fortune and buy my own throne."

Dave built a brewing empire from the ground up in his name.
His business expanded and earned him world fame.
In business, his tactics were ambitious. Even cutthroat to boot.
He built a great fortune, bought a throne, and he wore a nice suit.

Beer lovers across the globe admired him. To his fans, he was friendly.
He sponsored beer tastings, competitions, and conventions a plenty.
With all of this honor, Dave's integrity was strong.
If his beer was not the best, he would know he was wrong.

One day, Dave met a brewer named James with a taste of new drink.
"I didn't forget my keys for nothing!," said Dave with a wink.
Dave gave it a taste and was amazed by the flavor.
Something even better than his own brew? This he had to savor.

"How much do you want for it?," Dave said with a gasp.
James replied, "I'm honored truly, but afraid I must pass.
The value of this beer will stand on it's own.
Your integrity inspired me to invest in it alone."
Dave the Beer Tycoon understood this too well.
He wished James good luck and plotted James' business to fail.

Dave The Beer Tycoon stuck to tactics that got what he was after.
"It's a shame," he thought, "about that talented crafter."
James' beer failed the market with James none the wiser.
Dave saw it as business, not business as a miser.
To the end of his days, Dave The Beer Tycoon lived on with great cheer.
He remained at the top, with a fortune and throne, drinking his second favorite beer.

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