Simulation of earthquake and tsunami disaster in SMA 13 and SMP 12 Gampong Jawa banda Aceh city

on February 16 at 04:32 PM
Arief Fadilah died in the earthquake and tsunumi in gampong java 15 February 2018 other than the other victims of minor injuries suffered minor injuries and broken bones. it is a simulation of earthquake and tsunami tests conducted by the disaster risk reduction forum of banda aceh city along with a number of other stakeholders with the dukingan from japanese society through UNDP. the simulation was conducted together with senior high school (SMA) 13 and junior high school (junior high) 12 in gampong jawa which was directly attended by Mr. Andrys Erawan / Technical Officer of SCDRR UNDP. This simulation is one of 3 locations to be performed MTsS simulation, MAS Darussyari "ah and pasantren Ishafuddin lampriet city banda Aceh on 17 and 19 February 2018.
The goal is to awaken the threats that will arrive unexpectedly and we expect students and teachers to be on standby so as to reduce their disaster risk

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